For the past nine years my workout fitness regimen consisted of weight training with a trainer and some cardio (treadmill, bike and elliptical). I proudly wore the title of weightlifter/body builder. Foolishly I had thought that was all my body needed. After all my arms had definition and my strength kept improving. End of story? No just the beginning. It was the summer of 2010. My trainer mentioned a kettle bell boot camp that was starting at the gym and thought I should take it. My response to him was, “I’m a weightlifter and weightlifters do not take classes”! I was insulted but acquiesced and signed up. It took a great deal of courage for me to get out of my comfort zone ( the weight room) and walk into the dance studio. The room was full of extremely fit women and the only thought I had was “I’m in trouble”. Then I met Yvette and knew this was where I belonged. The class was hard really hard. With a new found determination I stayed with it and became completely hooked. From being a “weight lifting snob” I’ve become a class junky. Doesn’t matter I will never give up. Zumba, power Pilates, muscle max, kickboxing, TRX and of course kettle bells are all part of my fitness regime. By diversifying, my endurance is up 100%, body weight is down and overall health above average. So many thanks to Yvette, Paula and Chris (I have trained with all of them) for being top notch. Mae my training partner and friend, you’re the inspiration that gets me through some of the most intensive workouts in the “dragons den”. Anyone who has trained with Yvette knows what I mean. This journey of traveling into the unknown did and still does feel scary at times (I have fallen in zumba, kick and most recently through the pilates reformer contraption). Message from Yvette: Leora all I can say is the proof is in the pudding. Your form is meticulous, you are open to all new modalities of training and you have been a true blessing in our fitness community! You train hard, and it shows. This picture pretty much says it all!!!