So I was having an eye-opening coaching session with a client this week and I just came up with an amazing saying and I’m going to let you know what it is right now.. drumroll please ..just and buts. Let me further explain, when we really got into the fact that she had gained a few pounds …she got into all the reasons why it happened and what I heard in almost every sentence was Just and but ….,, it was just a few drinks… But it was my husband’s birthday… It was just a small piece of cake… But I didn’t have time to exercise… Get it… Just and but ….. if you take those two words out of your vocabulary and out of your life you will succeed with  weight loss ….it is those small choices that are derailing your progress! But it was just a few drinks… I get it a few drinks once in a while but if you’re trying to lose weight and you do great on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday   at I look for when I see people are not losing weight! And trust me I am guilty of it ….as we all are…. we are only human… but it’s recognizing that we are doing it and becoming aware so that we can change it! Awareness is key? I am guilty of it too… For many many years I said I would get sober… I said I would get sober on Monday but by Friday it was “just” one more party… one Super Bowl more vacation.. one more birthday …one more get together… You get the idea this constant wheel of starting and stopping will never ever allow you to achieve your goal whether it’s weight-loss …or  going to school .. or starting a business whatever. In regards to weight-loss what I constantly see is clients not getting results and the scale not budging because they underestimate what they are actually eating. The habit of taking just one bite here and one bite there is just killing your diet! #TRUTH OK time out ….did I just really use a hashtag???? I don’t even know what #Means…So #Truth???? OK back to derailing your diet I recommend every single client that is looking to lose weight to download the fitness pal app and use it on a daily basis no excuses! I have many clients they tell me they want to lose weight but they won’t even download the fitness pal app they won’t track… They’re just not ready and that’s OK too but until you’re ready to look at the numbers and measure and track you won’t lose weight… I’ll tell you one thing for sure winging it won’t work! ? Did you ever see one WeightLoss show where they just winged it ..not one! Even if you’re going to allow yourself some treats on the weekend …use the fitness pal because it becomes an awareness instead of using the built-in forgetters ….that I will start on Monday…. this makes you become aware… If you have one piece of cake it’s 400 cal now if you have to enter another piece of cake it’s 800 cal it’s the awareness! I am so guilty of this at one point I was eating almonds… of course they’re healthy but I wasn’t eating 160 cal worth of almonds I was having handfuls of almonds which added up to about 500 cal in a sitting… This is crazy! But I wasn’t aware because I wasn’t measuring and tracking… When many of my clients say to me I’m not losing weight but I’m eating healthy…. I really get into the details for example what did you have for breakfast lunch and dinner… How did you prepare it ? what seasonings did you put on it ? send me a picture… Usually when we get down to the bottom of the issue it comes down to those little bites ….those little suckers creep up every time ????it’s just a handful of nuts  here ….a bite of the crust of pizza there ….a few extra chicken nuggets off your child’s plate and eventually everything adds up ! Oh.. that’s why the scale is not moving? So if you’re stuck and having trouble losing weight… Really look at your diet… Track every single item ..weigh every single item and look out for those just bites! Also look out for those excuses those sentences that start with just or but! There is no prouder  feeling than knowing you stuck to your diet 100% because when you do that and the  scale starts to go down and your clothes feel better and you have more confidence… YOU Will feel freaking amazing!! There is no better feeling!!! It’s the small choices every day Done consistently over time that will reap great rewards! If you have been on the fence about nutrition coaching the time is now! Yvette Salva fitness offers nutrition coaching as well as mental coaching! Nothing changes until something changes ….so if you’ve been doing the same thing over and over again …beating your head against the wall… not getting results week after week.., try something different and shoot me an email . Let’s get you on the road to health and happiness ❤️ YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!