Changing Life’s Routine 185-225x300I am starting my inspirational weight loss story by saying ” being active makes me want to dance”. I meet Yvette about two months ago and before I meet Yvette a barely had time for myself to do anything.  I was part of a gym and tried to make it but due to my busy work life it over took my energy to go. I traveled a lot and had little to no time to eat healthy or put time aside for a workout. Two months ago a lot of things changed in my life I lost my job due to company restructure. I was fine with it and came to terms that Jeanette needed a change. I needed to change the whole Jeanette the super career women, the super mom and super wife. Thereason why I say use the word SUPER is because I honestly took care of everyone and did it with top notch class. However, in the meantime I totally forgot about myself. Two months ago I decide to change my priorities. The first step I took I picked up the phone and I called Yvette I asked her recommendations and overall outlook on changing my messy life style routine  to a structured routine. The second step I made was I changed my eating habits. I barely eat enough and when I did eat I would over eat therefore gaining so much weight fast. Third step I changed in my life I bought myself a mini planner in the planner I make sure I schedule all my workouts daily. Ever since I made these changes I feel like a million bucks, I want to honestly get up and dance. I cannot tell you the energy, attitude and overall spirit that I have today. I workout with Yvette once a week, the rest of the week I run 4 to 5 miles and I also include weight training. I do have a cheat day which is Sunday I do not workout at all and I do have a cheat meal breakfast my favorite. The schedule and structure routine has helped me lose 6lbs in two months. My fabulous Kale smoothies and salad has also helped me shed pounds. In conclusion I am going to leave you off with saying that we as busy individuals we need to make time for ourselves because we need to be healthy and strong for our families. Yvette is an amazing women and I am very happy that I meet her she will be a good friend for life. Message from Yvette: What can I say Jeanette … YOU are an absolute blessing in my life. I feel we have known each other all our lives … from that very first session. You have come a long long way. I remember at our first session.. I gave you many tips and you have followed them to the T!!!! First I would say….” Janette you need to visualize yourself at the weight you want to be.. so what does she do she has a permanent vision board on her phone …. abs anyone… damn!  is that not amazing.. a great reminder of where she is looking to go!!! Secondly……… I told her to track her progress and she is faithfully logging her workouts and food on my fitness pal. Third …….she is completely accountable to me. I don’t badger her at all but she is always texting me her workouts and her progress.. even tells me when she is having big family events so she can prepare. There is nothing more I can say.. you are amazing and you are a shining example of when you put the work in.. you get the results.. I love you girl! Yvette