3elementsofworkoutChange Your Workout – Get Results Mixing up your workouts is a sure way to get optimal results with your weight loss and fitness regimen.  There are three basic elements that each workout should consist of. If you make sure that you include some of each of the following elements in every workout. Then you know you have a well rounded and balanced workout that will give you the best results possible. 1) Cardio Workout The first element is Cardio, also known as aerobic exercise.  The aerobic element in your exercise routine can be something traditional like walking, running, cycling, stair-climbing or elliptical machines.  You can also get adequate cardio vascular exercise by increasing the speed and intensity of your body weight or resistance exercises. You are directly increasing the rate in which your body burns calories by improving your cardiovascular fitness level. 2) Resistance Training Workout The second is the anaerobic element.  These exercises require that you work the muscles of your body against some sort of resistance.  To provide this kind of resistance you can make use of hand weights, machines, weighted balls or bars, elastic resistance bands or even your own body weight. Working the muscle against resistance causes it to break down so it can rebuild stronger and leaner every time. 3) Stretching Workout Flexibility training helps you to perform your cardio and resistance exercises better and with less chance of injury. Most people aren’t really aware of the importance of a good stretching routine as part of the scheme of things. Staying flexible keeps you looking younger and more mobile – don’t skip this important part of your workout. Great place to get started with working out is to check out some of the 5 in 5 videos they are 5 minute workouts with 5 different exercises you can focus on different parts of your body. Go to my youtube channel or check out the one below

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