Stop Eating for every emotion 3 Incredible Easy Tips to Follow to Stop Eating for Every EmotionSo did you know I’m a recovering binge eater? I am. Of course you know because my life is an open book. BUT I tell you all this because when I was really suffering with my eating disorder I felt like no one could identify. they would say just stop.. well its hard to do! Maybe some of you feel that way right now when surrounded with so much chaos. I don’t know why, but I turn to food when I’m missing something in my life. When I feel stressed, unhappy, , sad, upset, anything really. My emotions dictate how I eat. It’s true and it’s part of who I am. With everything going on these days, is a prime emotional (binge) eating environment, but I have been doing a few things to keep my eating during this emotional time under control. It’s been surprisingly easy and  it’s working!

 1. Give yourself a splurge, and a break!  did i just say that

Normally I don’t ever eat cheese, I eat complex carbs, if I’m going to eat carbohydrates and I try and avoid sugar. I  never drink sodas. and I am always gluten free but guess what i bought. are you ready for it, cinnamon pop tarts.
Ok so I did not have the whole box but i had one and damn it was good.  I definitely wanted another one, but that is it, damage done, time to move on. Fulfill the craving without going crazy. If I eat what I actually want, I wont keep eating snacks later. But honestly speaking there is a reason I don’t eat these foods. They actually have live voices, coming from my cupboards “come eat me I am soooooooooooo good.” So one and done. In the past I would beat myself up for such an occurrence, but I think as i am getting older I am just starting to be a little nicer to myself, we got bigger fish to fry. On a side note, I took a picture of the open pop tart box next to my shape magazine to help remind me not to eat any more!

2. Eating When Hungry!

123This one is probably the hardest. When I’m bored and in emotional crisis I want snacks, lots and lots- and lots and lots… of snacks. I’m really working on eating when I’m hungry. If I know I want something to eat because I’m bored, or because I’m sad/mad/frustrated I’ve been drinking a little mug of tea. It surprisingly takes away the false-hunger cravings. Plus I sip it for a long time so it takes more time to drink that to eat a snack. Also a coffee/tea run gives you something to do too, go to your favorite coffee shop and buy a coffee. You get an outing and some 1 on 1 car stereo time.  Not only that you will see all the other hurricane sufferers in the same boat and you wont feel so isolated.

3. Accept that at times when we don’t have structure we have to just go with the flow

This takes away the pressure and with no pressure you wont be as likely to over do it. Everything will even out over time. Each day doesn’t have to be exactly the same, with the exact same eating pattern. Today I might eat a few snacks in the afternoon, tomorrow I might not want any. Just go with it. Honestly we all have so much to be grateful for we are alive, everything else is fixable. As a added Tip start a exercise program that you love! When you want to eat just exercise instead!  Lets start with this easy 5 minute workout. No equipment because you are using your body weight.

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