Hey guys So I’ve been getting a lot of emails with the same common question, I get asked… “Yvette… What does your average week  look like as far as fitness? What kind of exercises do you do ? How many days a week do you work out? Blah blah blah” everybody wants to know the answer so I’m going to reveal everything to you in this article. Let me first start off by telling you all of my secret to success with fitness comes down to the daily grind ?? Anybody who knows me will attest to the fact that I never ever skimp out on my workouts or my nutrition day in day out and that is what has kept me at the top of my game. Honestly, it all comes down to consistency over time. The most common mistake I see with women is they start and they stop and they start and they stop… So they never get the results.. Long term. I see this all the time… Somebody will  come to me for training because they have a big event,,, a wedding ,,,,bar mitzvah and need to look amazing… The event happens they feel great and then they start to flake off… Little by little they get back to their old habits and come back a year later gaining all the weight back and then some !!!!  I have seen the cycle happen time and time again. My fitness philosophy is I’m not getting ready for anything…. I am STAYING  ready… Staying ready every day for life …. Think about it? If you stay ready when that big event happens you can buy any dress you want… If you stay ready when it’s summer time you can wear that bathing  suit you’ve been wanting to buy… When you stay ready and you’re invited for a pool party you’re not freaking out because you know you’re at your best! So how do I stay ready? I work on my mindset every single day… That’s why to me ….personal development is so important. I am constantly feeding my mind positive messages of hope and encouragement even on the days I don’t feel like it ….one YouTube video one podcast can change my mind… So for me fitness it’s more about mental training  than anything… We can all get fit for an event but staying fit for your life ….there’s the secret to success!!!! On the days I’m not motivated to work out ….and trust me ladies there are plenty of days I do not feel like working out… I remind myself of my why? why do I want to work out? Because I want to feel great …why do I want to lift weights? because I want to be strong ….why do I want to hit the elliptical? because I want my heart to be pumping for many years to come… So stay guard to the entrance of your mind and fill  your mind with  positive thoughts day in day out? Now as far as my workouts go ….they are pretty simple… I am usually am on a five-day strength training rotation and throughout the years my strength training has changed from lots of reps and lighter weights to lower reps and  heavier weights  and everything in between ? Sometimes I train two different muscle groups sometimes three but the training itself has always been consistent …strength training … I feel personally  this is the magic that keeps your body young! My current weight lifting program looks like this

  • Monday chest and triceps
  • Tuesday back and bicep core
  • Wednesday legs plyometrics
  • Thursday shoulders and core
  • Friday legs and glutes
  • Saturday or Sunday Full body with weights and cardio
Throughout the years days may have changed  and the muscle groups coupled together may have changed but this has been the staple of my life for the past 20 years As far as cardio goes… I  usually insert my cardio with my leg days adding all kinds of plyometric training but I have to say lately because I am studying for my nutrition certification I’ve been getting up at 5 AM and doing one hour of cardio on the elliptical … I don’t really think of it as a work out more of my time for myself to focus on personal development and nutrition. As far as food goes… Throughout the years it’s been different but the staple has been clean eating and no alcohol In the past five years… I have really gotten into cooking and trying out new recipes… I actually enjoy it and love doing this with my daughter❤️ I don’t eat gluten ….at one point I wasn’t eating dairy but now I do eat dairy… I have cheese milk almond milk etc. but I have no grains  whatsoever. A holistic doctor told me that my body would function so much better without gluten and grains and it truly has been a game changer for me! So that basically cuts out a lot of the …pretzels chips cookies bagels muffins etc.? So that’s it my friends if you’re in it now… Stay with it …buddy up with a friend who’s into fitness or find a trainer you love working with and make the investment in yourself! And if you fallen off the wagon and just need some support to get started and stay started please feel free to reach out… There is no shame in reaching out and asking for help…  shame is walking around not feeling amazing …not feeling energized and not feeling great about yourself… Let’s make The rest of 2017 the best  year ever!?? Reach out to me now with a quick email and lets see how I can help you STAY Fit and Healthy too!