changebodyOne of the most common questions I get asked is how did you initially change your body? Initially as most of you who know me it all started with teaching aerobics in the 80’s, but what most of you don’t know is how I got into weight training which is the only thing that can really change your body. I mean yeah sure you can  get lean with cardio, but you are never going to sculpt a physique. So one day it just hit me… wow all this working out and I don’t look any different than someone who doesn’t work out. Now… not sure about you, but if I am going to work out I want to look good! So when I was about 24  years old my body went through a dramatic transformation.  I lost 10 pounds of fat and gained 10 pounds of muscle. wow same weight but different body. It all happened when my boyfriend at the time Jim gave me this book called “Body for Life”. Now Jim had always lifted weights and was a fire fighter to boot so he really knew what he was doing. So from that moment on I lived and breathed that book. He always used to tell me get off that damn stair master, but I never listened. After reading this book boy did I listen. I got so excited seeing all the transformation before and after pics …..I WAS READY. So this is what I did:

  1. I prepared my food journal
  2. I wrote out my meal plans
  3. I followed the workout templates
  4. I went to GNC and picked up every supplement recommended
Now here’s the thing before reading this book I had a basic understanding of exercise actually a pretty good one. But I had not implemented any of the stuff I knew I had to lift weights just did not know where to start. I had had horrible experiences in the past and just felt more comfortable in the group x room vs the weight room. and guess what nobody likes to feel uncomfortable or unsuccessful so I always quit. So why was this time different? Because of one key factor the simplicity of the program. It was paint by numbers do these simple things every day and you will get results. I had my pre planned meals ready to go, I had my workouts already written out and I had a supplement guide. DO THIS…and GET THIS RESULT That’s it… Who wouldn’t love that?  So that was basically where it all started for me… JIM and BODY FOR LIFE BUT REMEMBER THESE THREE KEY POINTS… I journal everything I did:
  • I wrote down my meals
  • I wrote down my workouts
  • I tracked my supplements
That’s it 3 things I had to do each day. THAT SIMPLE!!! You can have the exact same experience as I did as a Matter of fact I built a business around this whole concept and not to mention the biggest thing I DIDN’T have…. A community – A built in support system  –  Aka… ACCOUNTABILITY Ready for the journey of a life time? Sick and tired of being STUCK? Get UNSTUCK now ….. If you are looking for help in this journey or want to talk to me about how to get started feel free to call me at 732-251-0300