8waysweightincheckholidaysKeep Your Weight in Check 1. I record everything I eat.. I have a food journal by my appt calendar in my kitchen and I write down everything. 2. When I am starving and ready to eat the entire house… I always have an apple while I am preparing my food. This usually gets my hunger under control. 3. When I am crazed for chocolate… I drink swiss miss diet hot chocolate with a half a protein bar from the fridge.. Its crazy but when the protein bar is cold its hard to eat and it slows me down. The hot coco slows me down.. I know its crazy but its better than a sleeve of chips ahoy! 4. I weigh myself once a week. My weight fluctuates between 135-128.. when I get to 134 I start getting back to drinking lots of water, adding an extra day of cardio or boot camp style workouts and scale my calories down by 300 or so. This just keep me honest and accountable. When you look at the hard cold facts you can’t slip to far away from your goal. 5. I always have a lunch bag in my car with an apple and a luna bar. If I get famished and don’t have time to stop anywhere I know this is always in my car. Always! 6. I love to eat.. I need volume… so when I have my salad I put a ton shaved carrots in it. It fills me up and gives me more fullness…. Salads can be scary if you put extras like cheese, eggs, bacos etc.. Volumize with clean veggies!!! Did you know that a chicken ceasar salad at Fridays  has between 800-1100 calories! Salads can be very decieving. 7. Pack your own lunch and eat in as much as possible. When I go to affairs I always eat something before I go.. this way I am not famished and eating the whole cheese tray. OMG I love cheese!!! 8. This one is crazy but I am putting it out there… Try eating with your left hand if you are a righty… Man it will really slow you down. ha ha.. Do this when you are alone or people may think you are a freak.. ha ha!!! You will have to work for every damn bite.  So that is it… If you didn’t think I was nuts before now you certainly do!!!

How do you keep your weight off during the holiday? I want to hear from you! Send me your weight loss story here