[GARD align=”right”] I get a lot of clients emailing me that they’re struggling with their weight loss and I even get clients that I have been working out with me and have gained weight Through the years. Don’t get discouraged this happens sometimes.  At this point I will tell my clients to follow a certain protocol and those that follow it always loss weight. If you are the person who is working out and exercising regularly and just not seeing results and even worse when you find yourself gaining weight instead. UGH! Before giving up lets start by answering the following questions and answer them honestly, and I can guarantee you can pinpoint where you are lacking and reset your program and start seeing the results you want.


  • Do you use containers to measure your portions? (For at least the first 10 weeks – just eating less is not enough, you must measure)
  • Do you track your calorie intake? (at least for the first four weeks)
  • Do you eat 5 to 6 small meals a day?
  • Do you plan your meals in advance? (Not 10 minutes in advance but a week in advance.)
  • Have you eliminated processed foods?
  • What kind of dressing do you put on your salad? (Anything other than Oil and vinegar is no good)
  • Are you eating Your carbs early in the day? (nothing processed)
  • Do you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day? (Really. And don’t just guess. Guessing won’t get you results)
  • Do you eat out more than once a week? (If you do then do you give specific directions to waiter as to how to prepare your foods?)
  • Do you eat vegetables every day? (Vegetables have a negative calorie effect and also keep you satisfied.)
  • Are you recognizing the “triggers” in your life that lead to “urges” and “behaviors” that do not support your goals?
  • Are you consciously working on developing new patterns and habits that support your healthy lifestyle?
  • Do you exercise at least 5 times a week? (YES 5!!)
So ask yourself the following, “Am I following the program exactly or am I following the program EXACTLY THE WAY I WANT IF YOU FOLLOW THESE QUESTIONS ABOVE AND BE CONSISTENT YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT!  Email me if you need support – yvettesalva@yvettesalvafitness.com