Benefits of Workout at Home With Dumbbells So many people asked me can I get the same workout at home with using dumbbells? My answer to this is absolutely!! There are so many advantages to using dumbbells to workout especially if you are on a limited budget and can’t afford to purchase other equipment such as kettlebells, barbells, and bands. Dumbbells are great for strength training and there are a lot of variety you can do in your workout that you can’t even get from other equipment like barbells.  Today I want to share with you 4 great benefits to dumbbell workouts and tell you about my new and upcoming online strength program that will be offered later this year.

Benefits to choosing Dumbbells over other equipment

  1. They are more joint friendly then barbell exercise. For example try doing a barbell chest press then do it with a dumbbell there is much more flexibility for your joints when you use a dumbbell.
  2. Dumbbells don’t take up very much room. You can also purchase power block adjustable dumbbels which can go up to 70 pounds with one block and use very little space.
  3. Dumbbells allow for unilateral training so both arms are going to get the same workout. If your using a barbell when you do a bicep curl you tend to use more of your right arm.
  4. Some exercises are safer when using dumbbells. When I am training a client who is new to exercise I always use dumbbells versus barbells because if they’re doing for example a reverse lunch and they lose their balance they can get hurt where as if they’re doing a reverse lunge maybe the balance with dumbbells they can just toss the dumbbells and just continue on without the risk of injury!
So if you’re new to the wonderful world of strength training and want to ease into lifting I definitely recommend dumbbell exercises it’s a great way to start! I am currently working on my eight week strength and conditioning program to be developed as an at-home program! For this program you will only need two dumbbells and a Vizio ball two great pieces of equipment for a home gym! This is a huge project but I hope to have it done by the end of the year as I have to tape 24 one hour videos in eight different modules, but please stay tuned because it will be ready to go hopefully by January 1!  If you are not on the mailing list please be sure to sign up to stay posted on everything new coming to the YSF online gym.