Butt AdI wanted to address a very common problem I get asked a ton about. Actually Cris and I were talking about this the other day. BUTTS.. BOOTIE… GLUTES… ASS… U name it its all the same. Developing a nice round bootie without building your quads. Yikes so hard to do but very doable. So I am going to first of all write about how you can accomplish this and also …. drum roll please … add and entire series to my online gym… it will be called the LIFTED BUTT SERIES

FIRST and foremost in order to get adequate flute development you Must be lean and have already reached a desired level of leaness…. hmm is that even a word.. well you get what i mean. 
Now if you asked a man this question undoubtedly he would tell you to shut up and deadlift.. but that is not the answer. Our bodies get basically immune to deadlifts squats and lunges! 
Bottom line you won’t grow your glutes unless you push the intensity very hard and get markedly stronger.
Unfortunately most great glute exercises also highly activate the leg muscles. Therefore, pushing the glutes hard will also push the legs hard, causing them to to grow as well… complicated i know. 
Basically it comes down to two things.  
1. avoiding exercises that highly activate and stress the quads mammies and adductors 
2. performing exercises that do highly activate the glutes! Another great article that shares some tips for that butt your looking for 🙂 
So lets talk about reps… its important to note… your glutes can grow w a low rep count 1-5 med rep 6-12 or even high reps 13-20 as long as the sets are pushed close to muscular failure or the intensity of effort for the session is high enough . 
So you ask what exercises can you perform. Well lucky for all of you I am going to be demonstrating a ton of them on the LIFTED BUTT SERIES so for those of you on my online gym all you have to do is press play but here is a list of the exercises I am talking about
  • glute bridges
  • kickbacks 
  • fire hydrants
  • band activated outer thigh and glute lifts
  • single leg elevated bridges
  • weighted bridges 
  • American deadlifts 
  • Kettlebell swings
So if you are looking to build the glutes …. get going on these exercises and if you plan on doing them with me on the online gym pleasepurchase a band from amazon. this band is awesome.. so cheap and versatile… a MUST for the complete and total burnout. 

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OK … see you online for some killer exercises.. Until then try the very first Lifted Butt workout from the series. If you love this one you will love the other 11 of the series!
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