Life is waiting for you, what are you waiting for? WOW … read that one more time…. Its funny… I was talking to a client this week… who said to me… I am grateful I had cancer…. I was like really how??? Her exact words… Cancer made me live again.. wow.. think about that.. Cancer made her live.. because until that diagnosis she was just dialing it day in day out. She said once she received the diagnosis she decided.. thats it I am going to live and I am going to fight this thing! She cleaned up her diet… She started to train even while doing chemo…yup.. She lived.. and she said that had she not had cancer she may have never changed her direction… She became a fighter… She put herself and her health first… She began to help others.. She started trying things she had always feared… She just started living. Powerful right.. I mean it literally gives me the chills but I can so Identify.. Can’t you??? I mean we all have a story just different details right? When I asked her.. if there was one take away I could share with my peeps .. she said this.. I always prepared to get sick.. literally had a I had a savings pass for sickness in the future but never had the same mindset to AVOID sickness.. wow.. right? I mean why wouldn’t we all invest in ourselves while we ae young and get healthy so we can enjoy life now and possibly avoid getting sick all together. Tv ads are telling you to take a pill before you eat garbage WTF??? what… so you can avoid acid reflux???? How about avoiding the bad foods and not worrying about acid reflux all together. Actually this just made me think of a funny pill I used to take.. I forget the name.. it was a pill I took while trying to get sober.. Guess what it did??? it made you god awful sick if you drank alcohol.. really?? i still drank btw.. ha I just wasn’t ready. but seriously.. dont take the pill and dont drink the alcohol. Anyways .. I wanted to share this story with you.. because I think all of us who go through a real hardship become stronger for it.. cancer.. addiction… death of a loved one…financial hardships .. divorce.. We all realize that deep inside each and every one of us is a beast that can conquer ANYTHING IF WE TRULY DECIDE. So if you want to do it.. do it.. Who knows how much time each of us have left ???? Make great memories .. smile… be kind to yourself and YOLO.. thats right bitches.. YOLO!!!!!!!:) PS… want to know what I secretly want to do ??? send me an email about something YOU want to do and Ill share with you.. what I want to do! xo Y