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How do I get the best results from my diet and exercise?

If you are motivated to lose weight and have already begun a well-balanced diet and exercise routine, the hard part is over! The next step is to make sure you continue your routine over the coming weeks and months in a consistent manner. Although combining diet, exercise is a healthy way to lose weight, you may not see the results you expect if you do not use them as recommended. For the best results from your weight loss routine, here are some simple steps you can take to stay consistent and maximise your results:

Stay motivated with long term goals

Sustainable weight loss is ultimately a long term journey and can take time. It is easy to start with the best intentions only to lose motivation a few weeks down the line as we have all done in the past as life is rarely simple enough to follow a rigid plan. Keep your goals in mind and when things may seem difficult or unmanageable, simply adapt your plans instead of completely abandoning them.

Stay structured

It may seem regimented, but continuing your diet and exercise plan is the best way to stay consistent during your weight loss. Set aside specific days and times for exercise and plan out your meals in advance. To help, write shopping lists to take with you to the supermarket and only buy what is on the list. Remember to keep things reasonably varied to avoid boredom and be careful when out with friends. Of course, life can always throw you a curveball so don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up. Be sure to stay accountable to yourself and others as well. I am always here to listen or give you a nudge in the right direction. Email me anytime.

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Be realistic, positive and don’t give up!

There will be days when you are simply too tired to exercise. Do not fret after you break your routine as we all need to indulge from time to time. If you do miss a workout or eat too much, do not use it as an excuse to quit and revert back to how things were before. Consistency is all about making your weight loss fit around your life and not the other way round. No one can be expected to stick to their routines 100% so go out and enjoy yourself but make sure you get back on the wagon the next day. Share or comment if you found this post helpful!