ok .. this is crazy but I couldn’t find a way to express what I am going to share with you and boom..just like that it hit me… Get terrible out of the way .. What I mean by this anything you start  … most times………… you’re just basically going to suck at it.. Think about walking… I mean how many times do you see babies try and walk and then boom.. they fall on their ass.. again and again and again.. its actually quite funny. But they just get terrible out of the way… and move forward with their mission at hand ….walking. The same is true with fitness.. I hear this a lot and I mean a lot!!!   OH run.. not for me…. I am not built for running OH yoga.. Im just not bendy in that  kind of a way.. OH pilates.. no way… I have no core strength..See the thing is if you want to acquire a skill you just have to accept….. if you are new at it …..you’re gonna suck.. BUT AND I DO MEAN BUT ….. only temporarily.. See the thing with fitness is your body will adapt and you will get better… but you have to get terrible out of the way first. Say for example………. in my fitness regime as of late………. I have really been trying to work on advanced bodyweight skills. Just really wanting to switch it up and do something super challenging. So the three skills I am working on are overhand pull ups, handstands ,and pistol squats. These are all extremely hard….. but I love a good challenge. Now see for example handstands… I just love them. I admire anyone who can perform them because wow.. have you tried one??? So hard!!!! Plus a cool party trick:) But …..I have to get terrible out of the way right? this means… well balancing in crow pose.. walking up the wall… holding still against the wall… just really focusing on balance… shoulder and wrist mobility core strength.. dang it there is just much involved. But right now.. I say its gonna all work out .. I will get it.. its just going to take some time. So everyday…. I hit my handstands… and one day I will get it!!!!!! But you know whats really great about achieving skills. You are gaining so much more than just  a great body.. weight loss or a six pack.. you are challenging yourself to something super hard that you have always wanted to do.. The benefits will shine though regardless but the mental challenge and the feeling of FUCK yeah I did that.. is what will feel great. So tell me… What do you need today to get terrible out of the way? Are you wanting to gain flexibility but are afraid to walk into a yoga class? Are you wanting to take that zumba class.. but are afraid you won’t know the routine? Are you wanting to hire a trainer but are afraid of the unknown?? Fuck it .. if not now when??? Take the leap my friend….. Get terrible  out of the way so you can soar my friend. ….. and don’t forget to   share with me.. if you share it with someone else its much more apt to happen!!!! ok… if I ever get my handstand.. i will let you know.. 1% better everyday my friends… lets get to it!!!!!!! xo Y