Sweat It Out with High Intensity Workouts No one really has time to workout, we don’t really have time to do a lot of things, so you have to use your time wisely. So do you want to get your best bang for your buck aka TIME. When you want to get in shape and not waste time, high-intensity workouts are the the way to go. Workouts that will get your heart pumping and blast the fat, cardio workouts like Tabata training. You will do short burst of intense movements which is a completely different way to look at getting fit. Think about it if your a member of a gym, all the people around you doing plyo box jumps, burpees,  jumping, lunges and more.  Its funny because even at the gym I go to I am starting to see not just the young athletes doing these kind of workouts but even the ” bodybuilders” Its awesome. So it is a no brainer when  I throw in those jump lunges or burpees in class don’t think why?  think why not? I will get in great shape,  look toned and burn a ton of calories. now who doesn’t want that?

high intensity workoutWhat is a HIIT Style Workout?

This type of workout is anything that will get your heard pumping but also make sure it has intervals of rest. These are quick paced, so walking on the treadmill for a hour does not count. For example try Tabata style workouts or Turbofire workout. If you work hard enough you can get a cardiovascular workout in as little as ten minutes.. With Tabata intervals you can do 20 seconds of working out 10 seconds of rest, do it 8 times and in less than 4 minutes you worked up a sweat and best yet you burned calories and are getting in shape, but make sure to include a warm up and a cool down. I do a Tabata class that is 5 rounds of Tabata after every round we do active recovery basic athletic step training for 4 mins and it is killer, trust me try it you will feel completely spent. Another great hiit style workout are my full body ten in ten’s. They are complete workouts that get the heart pumping for ten mins. I love to do 3 rounds to really get a burn. Check out all the workouts available under workout videos

Now a lot of people ask me  why these kind of workouts?

The main reason is with High-Intensity Intervals, You’re Less Likely to Reach a Plateau! Your body adapts rather quickly to steady-state cardio. You become more efficient at doing whatever type of cardio you’re doing and you burn few calories doing it. This is LESS likely to happen when you’re doing high-intensity workouts that create an after-burn. Another reason is these workouts are not boring With steady-state cardio, there’s the boredom factor. It’s not very exciting to exercise at a steady rate for 45 minutes or an hour. Time seems to stand still and the clock doesn’t seem to move, even though you keep staring at it. High-intensity training is anything but boring. It challenges you to work your hardest – and time goes by quickly. There are so many ways to do high-intensity interval training that boredom isn’t an issue. Plus, you don’t have to exercise as long to get the benefits. So get to it ladies, PUSH yourself out of your comfort zone and reach for the gold. 🙂