Hey guys so one of the most often asked questions that I get is how to go about getting a flat stomach. Every day I get more & more questions about this in both my personal inbox and Facebook messages. First and foremost let me start by saying this… Yvette Salva doesn’t even look like Yvette Salva. What I mean by this is that yes… I have a nice six pack in my photo shoot pictures… But listen …..first and foremost I manipulate my water intake the night before and I also get my pictures taken at the crack of dawn. Yep early bird gets the worm on this one. Truth be told that same photograph could be taken at 9 PM and it wouldn’t not look like it does at 6 AM. Reason being water fluctuations …hormones … if you’ve eaten… if you’ve excreted your food from the night before …. how much salt was in your food ….all those factors make a difference on how flat your stomach will be! So I wanted to get that misconception out-of-the-way… I don’t have a six pack every day BUT I DO have a strong core that’s for sure but water manipulation and taking a photograph early in the morning makes a huge difference!!! But …..I can give you some tips on how to achieve a strong midsection and defined abs ….these are the tips that I’m not just writing about but that I use in my daily life! You guys know me I don’t sugarcoat anything and I’m always honest so here’s the truth no bullshit!

  1. Do abdominal workouts. I work my core probably 2 to 3 times a week a good 10 minutes and your abs should feel like they are on fire. Just like with any other muscle you have to push and not get complacent you have to get to that point where you can’t do another set up… You definitely can’t just punch it in
  2. Burn enough body fat using right diet and exercise combination. Make sure that you are eating the correct food in the correct amounts at the correct times… That means complex carbs lean proteins and healthy fat That also means your workout should be intense and should include both cardio and weights. If you are at 30% body fat there’s no way you’re going to see a six pack
  3. Like they say abs are made in the kitchen. But they can also be made in the living room some of my hardest workouts were done right here in my living room… You remember the 10 and 10 series ???those ab workouts were killer. If you want to plug into those jobs click here for the vault where you will get all my videos

So how do I train my abs?

There’s no need to train your an muscles every day ….three times a week will get the job done! There’s also no need to do 1 million repetitions I like to focus on good form when I do my ab exercises! simple exercises like ..regular crunches leg raises ..twisting crunches.. hip lifts… Bicycle crunches.. and mountain climbers work wonders. So like I said make sure your body composition is high on lean body mass and low on body fat and also make sure that you’re adding ab workouts to your resistance training and your cardio training And last but not least make sure that your diet consists of clean foods and that you’re not taking in more than you are burning energy balance is key here.

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