abs showIf you have been working out for months and still not seeing any visible abs, it may not be your workout that your lacking it could be what you are eating. Even if you think you’re eating healthy with food like protein bars and packaged foods that claim are healthy these are full of sugar and sodium that are not helping your visible ab cause. It you are looking to see your abs and have a flat, tight and tone tummy follow these 5 helpful nutrition tips and try a few of my ab workouts to help bring your abs out: 1. Your diet needs to include a lot of protein, it will help build muscle but it also keeps your metabolism high because your body has to work hard to break down this nutrition. Suggest about 30 to 40 percent of your calories in a day should come from protein. 2. Stay away from high-glycemic carbs such as pasta and candy and instead focus on eating about 30 to 40 percent of your calories being from low-glycemic carbs that are unprocessed, high on fiber and keeps your blood sugar balance and your body burning fat which is key to a tight abs. 3. Say NO to sweets all together. Honestly sugar is your worst enemy for your midsection. This is where fat storage happens If your craving a sweet treat have a quest protein bar. 4. You want to have some fats, but you want them to be healthy fats so 20 to 35 percent of your calories should come from healthy fats to help reduce inflammation and maintain blood sugar and help with weight loss. Fats such as nuts, olive oil or avocado to name a few. Flax oil is great and can be put on almost everything vegetables, salad and more. 5. Eat Clean as much as possible. Eat lean proteins, healthy fat, fresh fruits and lots of veggies. It is hard to stay to that because it is so easy to grab the pre-packaged foods, the oat meal, protein bars, veggie burgers but these items will not help you get those abs you are looking for. It is important even with a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water you are still going to want to work your abs out constantly. Try one of my ab workouts it’s a great workout to add to the end of your cardio workout or a quick workout to do right before heading out in morning.



    At the end of the day it is all about making a decision to change your eating and exercise habits, stick to your plan and be consistent and you will start seeing results and feel the difference. Remember your abs are getting stronger even if you don’t see them right away.