So lately I’ve been swamped with nutrition coaching and one of the most common complaints is… I’ve tried everything… nothing works and I am friggin tired. First and foremost I hear you… I hear you loud and clear! I actually heard something this weekend at a fitness conference that made so much sense and is so simple. No strategy=stress.
Isn’t that the truth????… think about it … we all get cray cray when we don’t have a plan. Say for example you are ready to go to a wedding? Now you have really been making great choices all week with a plan  BUT for tonight you are going to wing it…. here is where we all (me included ) get stuck. We plan on winging it.. we think we will make good choices and before you know it you have bargained with yourself that its a big event and you have to celebrate with a few glasses of wine.. and fuck it.. I mean look at these desserts it would be so rude to not at least try one and boom… before you know it .. you get back on the scale and all the good you did for 5 days has been washed out.
You see… it has to be consistent over time… say it out loud.. over time .. over time.  Are you saying it.. don’t make me get out behind this screen… say it.. OVER TIME !!!!!!!
The “I do great during the week and weekends are hard” will not get you losing weight and feeling great… it sucks but its the truth. its a matter of setting priorities and saying ok.. I am going to follow some rules. why ?? because rules create self discipline which in the end just equals freedom.. freedom to get what you want!!!!! So here are my tips to getting the results you are looking for….
Why ? because it works .. and anything you really want is going to be hard. Let me tell you I would much rather eat frgiin waffles for breakfast but guess what that is not going to get me the level of fitness I am looking for. I would also love to stay in my comfy cozy bed until 6 am everyday … BUT if I want to make sure I get my workout in before the craziness of the day sets in … I gotta get up before anyone else does to make sure I get it done. So if you are feeling lost be it with your goals fitness or otherwise talk to a coach to help you get a strategy. And start with changing just one thing. One thing at a time. Making changes over time is key… so you stick to them! remember no strategy =stress
 2. Eat every 2-4 hours
why? because this forces you to have a plan and also controls your blood sugar. Planning everything is key. winging it never friggin works. And waiting long periods of time to eat will have you feeling hangry and you know what happens then… yup you guessed it ….the friggin beast comes out!!! If you are hungry .. will power is at its lowest leading to all kinds of wacky choices. Eat frequently it works.. plan your meals and eat whole foods.
3. Keep a close knit group around you for support
why? because we all need to own up to our shit! plain and simple. Ive been personal training for years and i always say this… yes its about exercise but a big part of ” my training” people  is the accountability for the week. For example… a lot of my clients will be like.. I have to confess.. I went off the rails this weekend. or I’ve started back up on Starbucks or Ive been eating out a lot lately…
They tell me these things because they know the one thing I have told them from the beginning..
I honestly don’t give a f*** how many times you fall off but be honest so you can press reset and move ahead. Truly its like the easy button at staples. Slam the shit out of that thing… you can reset your day 20 times if you have to. It will get better and before you know it you will have acquired a period of time!even if its just one day.. then two.. see how it works?
Trust me I get you.. If you screw up and eat two cookies.. reset your day rt then and there.. You don’t have to wait till Monday. Then you just gain more weight. Tell a friend a coach or me:) and say yup i fucked up… I am starting now and I am drinking my water and am hitting the gym tonight .. boom
ok so thats it my people .. I love you all to pieces and thanks for sharing with me how you can identify with these emails. It makes my day. all your texts and emails make my heart sing For reals baby!!!!