foodtricksFood Tricks to Jump Start Your Weight Loss I am not telling you to discount the exercising, on the contrary exercise is necessary for any weight loss plan. You exercise to sculpt your muscles, give you strength, raise your metabolism, and of course to get those rock hard abs you always wanted. But if you eat wrong, all that hard work will either be slow at best or even reverse all your results just by choosing to eat the wrong things. If your like many you work hard, and yet you still look and feel the same every day, well I am here today to give you some fast food tricks to help turn that around for you. Remember Eat right, and exercise you can’t have one without the other. I am calling these food tricks because your about to fool your taste buds, and your mind into thinking your eating that same poorly chosen foods, while instead choosing meals that have less calories, less carbs and way more fiber.

3 Crazy FOOD Tricks You need to try Today!

To much RICE in your meal

Yes I said it, the simplest thing, that comes in so many varieties! White rice, brown rice, wild rice and many many more all these are full of carbs and calories, I know we all love them, but thre are alternatives, that can do the trick and not leave your plate looking empty and lonely with just some veggies and meat.  Mak some cauliflower rice, and instead of your normal traditional rice, server your meat and vegetables over a bed of cauliflower rice. Making Cauliflower Rice All you need is a head of cauliflower, Process fresh cauliflower until it is the size of rice, and cook in a large skillet with a tablesppon of olive oil. heat for 5 minutes add some salt and pepper and your ready to serve it.

To Many Noodles on your plate

So noodles, we always say hmm.. I am craving spaghetti from lets say Olive Garden. Did you stop and think your not actually craving the noodles since they are pretty bland alone you are craving the sauce. Which is great because that is where the protein sits. So instead of filling your plate with noodles that are full of calories and carbs, lets try a alternative Zucchini noodles. Making Zuccini Noodles All you need is a zucchini and take a vegetable peeler down the zucchini creating long noodles, you will want to stop before you hit the inner part where the seeds sit. You wont need to cook them just throw on plate and add your favorite pasta sauce on top.

Watch out for the Bread, Buns and Tortillas

We all love the Bread, buns and tortillas but those pesky choices do not help with the belly roll we hope to demolish. Instead of choosing bread, choose to create a lettuce wrap. This is pretty simple trick just make sure when you go out to eat you ask for your meal to be wrapped in lettuce in place of the bun or tortilla. Try these three easy food tricks for weight loss along side your normal workout routine, and you will start seeing better results in no time.