So today… I start checking in with my nutrition clients.. and my phone starts blowing up.. omg.. “I completely fell off the wagon… it was bad real bad”.. I got like 3 of those this morning plus 2 clients I used to train that reached out saying.. they were in a really dark place. Yikes.. so that leads me to talking about this topic.. relapse.. especially since its Monday and we can all appreciate this one on a Monday

Like most recovery types, I have a relapse story.  I’d been abstinent for years, and I was kicking ass at life – new house, new family, successful career. I was doing so well that I let my contact with other folks in recovery slide. I mean I am a busy woman… and you know…
well… Spoiler alert: That didn’t end well. I lost 3 years of sobriety and had to start over.. ugh.
the backward slide was oh so subtle.. till one day it just wasn’t….
Slowly but surely  I was sliding back to my old ways…. exercising sporadically with no real plan…. sneak eating in the closet( because we all know that those calories dont count right??????) and taking nyquil to sleep.. I had to shut my mind off.
I really felt lost..  the devil on my shoulder would continue to say.. “you need to feel good now”… do whatever to make yourself feel good NOW…( its like a beast.. it can literally take over your thoughts and put you in a trance)
I binged. I smoked. I abused prescription medication. All of it made me feel different, but none of it made me feel better. Because the only thing that makes me (you, and every other human person on the planet) feel genuinely better is taking care of yourself .
I’m not special. I mean, I am, but not because I relapsed all those years ago. Everyone is capable of backsliding after a period of progress. You don’t need to be an drug addict or a food addict or alcoholic or a smoker to be in this club.
I mean seriously … Have you ever committed to working out, did it for a good stretch of time, and then stopped?Come on now.. I know a lot of you have shaun T’s insanity series….. enough said on that one .. haha
Or have you ever just  stopped eating something because it made you feel like crap? Ever said “Screw it”  and then ten minutes later you are stuffing your face with that exact thing. Puhlllease… I have even thrown ice cream in the garbage to say enough and then gone back out and gotten it out go the trash … anyone experience this kinda stuff… yikes.. its scary
well if you have.. then you’re in some kind of a relapse.  Join the club baby!!!!!
the good thing is ….if you acknowledge it.. and move forward.. you can get past it… . thats it.. tell someone.. (because secrets keep you sick ) and move forward . here are some things you can do to reset yourself.
they have worked for me .. so maybe they will work for you. I still have battles too.. so I am glad I am writing this.. it keeps me on my toes.

1. Stop the fucking madness and just START.

Start today. to treat yourself like you you want to be treated so you can feel the way you want to feel. do whatever it takes .. throw out the cookies.. go for a walk.. drink more water… reach out to a trainer..  just start!!!!! and if you mess up.. just start again.. as many times as it takes .. you are so worth EVERY SINGLE DO OVER!!!!

2. Check out different resources..

maybe find a therapist.. talk to your doc about medication.. take a wellness class. or read a new book. and if that voice in your head says.. stop being so high maintenance .. tell it to go EFF itself .. YOU are worth it.

3. Find your crew

 I have a crew of fitness girls..did you know that we even have a name????.. yup.. “gangsta bitches”.. These are my girls.. we hang together… we laugh … workout  and more importantly we tell on ourselves if things are not right. Get a crew of people around you that literally  have the same goals as you and have your back!!!!

4. Recognize that every good day is a victory.

 Its the sum of all those decisions you made that made it a great day. Be proud of yourself.. share it with a friend or a coach.. This is so important.. and its not bragging… saving your life is more important than saving face. so brag .. and go YOU!!!! Celebrate the day!
Ok if you are struggling.. feel free to reach out. Even just telling someone else can be the beginning of saying.. that;’s it I am friggin sick and tired of this shit. It all starts by doing one small action step..
Your coach and friend