workout1.  If people just get moving… they will want to move more.. As soon as the endorphins kick in .. you get happy .. motivated and you feel like another go around of ten is doable. DOABLE is the key word. 2.  Many women I know are just intimated by the gym.. don’t have time.. thus never get started on their fitness goals. These short segments are a start.. Don’t get me wrong if you have done them you KNOW they are hard. But I think the thought of packing up the kids.. getting in your car .. and getting dressed just takes up so much time many women can get overwhelmed and just say forget it. . By rolling out of bed and just starting your day with something positive in the comfort of your own home…  gets you started. I am getting many women who do 3 short workouts throughout the day. That is amazing.. just doing it piece meal makes the whole concept of exercise have more appeal.

The reason you do ten minute workouts is to make your body stronger and healthier, right?

In order to do this, you want to efficiently and effectively strengthen your body. In order to do so you need to work aerobically and with resistance. In these workouts, the aerobic component is built right into your ten minutes. By using a timer..  you are working your muscles in a set period of time as fast and effectively as possible. You will be amazed at how your heart rate will spike. And when your heart rate spikes you burn a ton of calories. In addition to the high calorie expenditure, you are getting sleek and toned by using weights. Honestly, I am so happy that I am doing this. The feedback has been incredible and I honestly do believe these short workouts work. They are a start and once you can complete ten minutes you can start to customize your own workouts. For example you can do
  • ten minute leg workout
  • ten minute upper body workout
  • ten minute full body workout
  • ten minute ab workout
This 40 minute workout will have you sweating bullets and feeling amazing. So my answer is yes these workouts work. The key to all training is to stay consistent, eat clean and constantly change your workouts. Happy training and keep me posted on any equipment you want to see utilized or any changes you would like 🙂 Check out all my 10 minute workouts right here on this blog. Post a comment if your looking for something you do not see here on blog!