111 Having to live with Rheumatoid Arthritis hasn’t always been comfortable or easy. I am a vegetarian for this very reason and have found that exercise and diet help. I am so grateful to have found this studio. Cris motivates me and charges me up. When I leave after a challenging workout, I feel like a new woman. Unfortunately, I have to have knee surgery in April but believe me, I will work my butt off before and definitely after I am healed. Besides, we are heading into swim suit season, ya know.

I am determined to prove that even with RA I can be a healthy individual that looks fantastic. I’m still working on the “fantastic” part. I see myself as a work in progress. I love the fact that I am challenged and supported in both my workout and my stressful, crazy life. Yvette’s studio and the gals that work there are the best!