Untitled-1​I realized after going to the box gym for a year or so, that I need more assistance in my journey to a more toned and healthy me.  The workouts I was doing at the time, just didn’t work and were not enough for me!  I came across an ad last fall for Yvette Salva Fitness and decided to give it a try.  Yvette introduced me to  LaVerne, and we became training buddies.  She makes me work hard, but nothing worthwhile is easy! I knew I was worth it!

In a very short time, I began to really enjoy and look forward to my workout sessions.  In addition to enjoying the sessions, I began to see the results and it is so exciting!  When I began training, I did 30 minute sessions, but realized, it wasn’t enough if I want the results.  I worked with LaVerne and increased my sessions to 60 minutes.  In time, my body has transformed and I have so much energy!  My arms are more toned and overall I feel great!
I have been married to my husband, Charley for 38 years, and I feel great!  I have an amazing son and daughter, and I am a young proud GlamMa to my grandson, Charley.  He is turning four in the fall and is the apple of my eye!  Workout regularly  gives me all the energy to keep up with him!  For fun, my husband and I love to ballroom dance, so my training at YSF is a bonus to keeping and feeling young!
Since training at YSF with LaVerne, my family understands I am very focused and committed to my training sessions.  They know if I am not home on Tuesdays, I am at my training session. They comment on my dedication.
The advice and wisdom I would love to share with women is, Don’t Give Up on Yourself, No Matter What!  We deserve to take time to give to ourselves.  It bothers me when I see other women give up on their health and well being.  Don’t do it, just don’t allow it,  keeping working at it! I advise you to come and find a training home like Yvette Salva Fitness and Keep Working!  You are so worth it and the results will show!MESSAGE FROM LAVERNE: Debbie,  to say I am proud of you is an understatement!  I always say you are a Rockstar, you are!!!   You always come eager and full of energy to each session, focused and always leave smiling!  You are an inspiration to many, thank for allowing me to be part of your amazing journey!