I am sharing with you all how my client lost some serious weight … She had recently gained weight due to a lifestyle change and really could not get it off. She had seriously tried everything when she came to me.. well thats what I commonly hear.. but usually the truth of the matter is we .. and I mean myself included .. we try everything but sticking to it. 🙁 My client absolutely has a sweet tooth and would turn to ice cream as her late night reward after a hard day. Man .. we can all relate to that one. She went to the dr for her annual check up and … that was her breaking point. She had not gotten on the scale in over a year and was horrified by her 20 lb weight gain !Right then and there she knew that something had to change.”

Our journey began

There’s no magic formula to get fit and lose weight she had to come to terms with that fact. She struggled with eating too little-just 1,000 to 1,200 calories a day-while pushing herself for an hour on the treadmill or elliptical trainer. Some days she’d resort to overeating and snacking on junk food. Then there were days she felt like giving up altogether. This is the most common cycle amongst every woman out there. no doubt.

The plan

We focused on eating whole and fresh foods instead of processed foods so that she’d know exactly what she was eating, and be able to control the levels of fat, salt and other additives. She taught herself how to make her own versions of store-bought foods, such as hummus without the added fat and preservatives, and chose almond butter instead of buying peanut butter with added oil and sugar. She started training 2 xs a week and also did at home workout 3xs a week on her off days. ….., incorporating exercise into five out of seven days each week was critical . Most importantly, she overhauled her idea of what personal health is all about waking up and feeling energized and happy

The biggest obstacle

The challenge was the impossible standards and expectations that she placed on herself.. once she started losing weight she just wanted more and more….. Progress NOW…. I really had to emphasize we can only control what we can control her sleep, her food intake , and her movement, … her body is going to react in its own time.. you just have to keep pushing forward and not stress.. it will happen on its own time. After a while, she realized her drive to see results was undermining what she had set out to achieve. she was unhappy, tired and uninspired. Her focus was placed too much on weight and not enough on my overall health and happiness.”

The results

The discipline needed in the beginning has become her passion. She definitely realized that she wanted to show up in the world as a fit and healthy woman. Her standard for herself changed. Learning about health and nutrition made her happy, The biggest eye opener she had was the fitness pal. Through my nutrition coaching she would send me her fitness pal daily intake daily. By using the Macros graph she realized she was not getting enough protein and she was eating way too many carbs. She was diligent about send me her graph daily.. and every day she had a new AHA moment. Like wow.. I am eating way too much fruit.

Tips for success

Make a commitment – I always say that you have to be truly ready to change your lifestyle. Without this desire to change, your efforts will be defeated. recognizing the need to change habits and that you must stay committed to taking the necessary steps. • Get informed – Find out new stuff… keep your health in the forefront at all times. Research exercises.. Find new recipes… ask questions. • Don’t be a slave to the scale – Don’t let a number on a scale determine your happiness for the day. But know this… anything you want to change you must measure. So a weekly weigh in is a good idea.. • Don’t deny your sweet tooth Find healthy versions of your fave foods, Experiment with new recipes. I turned her on to my protein bowl in the morn and she loved it. Just experiment.. with healthy whole foods.