If you had asked me two months ago if I would be writing a testimonial, I would think you were kidding.  Truth is, I was in a funk.  One I have been so familiar with over the last 40 years.

I called Yvette 1 year ago and the minute I spoke with her I knew that YSF was the place for me.  She asked me to come in and talk and I immediately felt her care, concern and passion for me to live my best life- on day ONE.  It all clicked!   I have been working out with Cris for a year and she is awesome!  She has listened to me, guided me, wiped my tears, shared my triumphs and understood my every battle.  I believe this has saved my life.  She is very invested in my overall well being in addition to being an incredible trainer.   Cris recently recommended working with Yvette as a nutritional coach.  She knew this is exactly what I needed and that I needed the suggestion and the timing was right.  This was another lifeline for which I am incredibly grateful!  While I was committed to my workouts with Cris, I was holding onto old habits outside of the studio that were keeping me stuck in 40 years of disappointment , despair and do-overs..  She knew it was time and it changed my life.   When I started working with Yvette, she explained that my journey was one of recovery.   Recovery ~ I was both terrified and relieved to hear this word.  Carrying the physical weight as well as  the mental and emotional burden was exhausting.  Yvette counseled  and guided me into a structure to better understand my current detrimental behaviors and foster good ones as we set a path to healing.   We started with setting up a framework for behaviors and setting an eating schedule.  I was all over the place and this was a game changer for me!  Yvette also provided meal plans customized just for me and were easy to follow, delicious and satisfying.  This in conjunction with tracking was eye opening.  Yvette sends encouragement and instruction along every step of the way and  I appreciate being able to text her my food diaries and how I am feeling.  I truly truly  feel so cared for!   I have tried to do this on my own for so many years and was exhausted.  Having coaching is a new concept to me yet I cannot imagine doing this alone! The past few weeks have been eye-opening.  I have a heightened awareness to my unresolved feelings and deteriorated behaviors that have resulted in considerable weight gain. When I was young, it was about fitting in cute jeans.  In this season of life, it’s about staying alive, fighting fatigue and living a life of vitality!  Over the weeks, I began to feel my feelings instead of eating them, re-introduced good healthy habits and boundaries, ate delicious food that satisfied mind and body, lost weight and regained energy.   I have also encountered some old feelings, shared my truths with loved ones in greater transparency, asked for help and been vulnerable.  I have had both victories and mis-steps along the way of my first 20lb weight loss.  (NEVER EVER would I think I could lose 20 lbs after years of yo-yo dieting).    I recently had a day of bagels and cookies and felt physically and mentally horrible after.  Yvette clearly explained this in the context of recovery and it made total sense!  Where I would have stopped, turned around and run with a bucket of chicken and a bag of chips, Yvette helped me understand the “why” behind it and move forward.  I began again,  I can breathe.  I can do this.    I don’t know where you are in your journey my friend, but you are not alone.  I encourage you to allow yourself to be vulnerable and give yourself the gift of awesome nutritional coaching with Yvette  and the gift of personal training with Cris.   I am learning so much about the process, about myself and how to really truly apply this in my life.  This will change your life and I encourage you to reach out and take this step towards a life you love. YOU are a precious and a worthy investment! In this season of gratitude, my  heart overflows with huge thankfulness to Yvette and Cris and the team at Yvette Salva Fitness!