But you may be thinking, “I can’t do calisthenics; they cause too much stress on my joints and muscles.” And maybe that’s true — conventional calisthenics can sometimes be hard on the body. For instance, not everyone’s joints can handle the pounding of multiple jumping jacks. But, even high-intensity calisthenics can be modified to fit your needs.

At Home Exercises

Here are a few modifications you can use when doing a home workout..
exercises Jumping Jacks:Jumping jacks can easily be transformed into a low impact routine. Just move one side of the body at a time and alternate. Step your right leg out to the side and raise your right arm over your head simultaneously. Bring the right side back to start and repeat with the left. It’s easy. You can use this for plyo jacks as well. Push-ups: These are a little more difficult because you’re required to lift your entire body weight using just your chest and triceps muscles. But you don’t have to skip push-ups because they’re “too hard” Instead, put your knees down on the floor to help support a portion of your weight.  YOu can do these in kneeling plank or even table top with your butt in the air. Crunches: These can range from classic crunches to more challenging roll-ups, twists, leg lifts and tuck-ups. But, no matter    you can always revert back to the easiest version — the classic crunch. : Place your feet flat on the floor, knees to the ceiling, hands behind the head for support. Crunch up the upper body, without pulling forward on the head and feel the abs contract. Add in the lower abs by putting your knees into a table-top position and bringing the knees in toward the chest. Note: bringing the shoulder to the opposite knee fires the obliques.
  The truth is that almost every known exercise originally started as some type of calisthenics. Lunges off of a step are still lunges. You’re just adding the step for more of a challenge and to make the standard movements more exciting. So embrace those good ole’ exercises…. I am a huge fan those of you who train with me on a regular basis know… we rarely get through a workout without some kind of squat … pushup.. pullup or dip! All modifications are good … just keep moving! Check out more great exercises for the glutes!