squatsThere is one workout that we all technically have been doing since we were little, the move that once we were able to stand as young toddlers we would play with our toys by doing squats. It is funny when we were young we could hold that position for quite a long time, rather than sitting down on our butts. As we got older squatting did not come as natural to us, and soon it was a workout we all dreaded. Today I am going to purpose something to all of you reading this, lets challenge ourselves to do 100 squats. A workout that can be completed anywhere at anytime. Waiting for your food to cook in the kitchen, start counting baby. If you choose to do 100 squat challenge today, do this instead of your normal lower body routine. Can you do it? Can you show up the little ones in your house, or the little one still in you, best part you don’t have to squat and hold just squat and come back up, 100 TIMES!

100 Rep Squat Challenge With Focus

Steps to complete Challenge
  1. 87a5635ee40ba10fe8049696aa431741Choose what type of squat you want to do: Parallel, Pile, or Single Leg (see image for directions)
  2. Choose the weights you want to use, don’t make it to easy but don’t choose a to heavy weight that you will hurt yourself
  3. Now get started, using the weights perform 100 reps, make every rep count, you don’t have to rush it, focus on every squat and you will feel the burn!
  If you know 100 reps is way to much, don’t set yourself up for failing start with a 50 rep challenge, or even a 25 rep challenge, work your way up to 100 reps. Good luck ladies, let me know how you do!