A perfect match. Eight years ago Kathleen came to me because she wanted to commit to a fit lifestyle. She’d been active in the past always attending spinning classes, and having a trainer come to our house and also running. But she needed a change and now at the age of 58 years of age (when she came to me) she wanted a change. She was referred to me by an estetician  we had both been using at the time. What’s so crazy about Kathleen is she came to my house… opened  the front door… (if you remember at that time when I was training at my house g the door would just be closed and you would just walk straight in ) walk down the steps of my basement …without ever meeting me and just joined into a small group class. Now that takes balls! Right then and there I knew we were a match made in heaven❤️ Her goals were to get stronger and lose a few pounds. But what she really needed was a coach and someone to help her stay accountable and make sure her workouts effective and interesting. She did not want to get bored? Kathleen had prior experience working with a personal trainer and knew her way around the gym… Despite this she was ready to incorporate some new challenges like the TRX  bands kettle bells cables etc What has really impressed me about Kathleen  is her dedication and consistency. Though  she has achieved her fitness goals to grow stronger she continues to put the time in every week… Three times a week for an hour!!!! I think sometimes this is the hardest part of the fitness equation once you are fit… Maintaining that level of fitness while you age?????? Kathleen’s greatest accomplishments is maintaining her health and exercise and nutrition priorities while being a successful working mom and wife! I know she must get tired sometimes but she doesn’t show it at the gym! She has faced  some tough challenges over the last couple years but has always continued to stay consistent! Kathleen has reinforced some valuable lessons to me… Small changes overtime will lead to great results! The proof is in the pudding …. Kathleen is 65 years old now… She does more than many of my 30-year-old clients… She does  band pull-ups.. yes pull ups!!…bent over rows with 30 pounds… walking lunges with 20 pounds… And can hold a plank for a very long time?? Kathleen and I have been together for 8+ years and I look forward to another eight… She is literally my walking billboard when people find out that she is 65 years old they are always floored! She is strong beautiful and a true testament that exercise truly is the fountain of youth!!!!! Love you Kathleen❤️❤️❤️❤️