0d2a3a82-b1a4-43dd-85cd-86812fc84d11Cathleen Story

  • Start weight 167
  • Progress at two weeks 161
  • Mother of four and Married
  • Goal 130 lbs and full of energy
Do you have that magic number in your head? You know the one you always told yourself you would never go over weight wise. Yes? Well mine was 165. While some others might feel like that is a wonderful number, to me at 5’2″ and carrying most of it in the middle, I realized that was not healthy. I started to gain weight quickly while taking antibiotics for Lyme’s Disease. I put on 10 pounds in one month; but had also struggled with my weight since the birth of my two daughters 16 years ago. I have always been active and tried to work out at home or the gym. But never had luck with my nutrition. I do my best when I watch my carbohydrates and low-sugar. I decided to try personal training at Yvette Salva Fitness. So far it’s been wonderful. Sandra my trainer is very motivating and understanding. I am excited to get a healthier lifestyle and more toned body. Especially my arms, stomach and back. I let life get in the way and slowly I let everyone else come first. Now I know I need to make time for myself to be a better Mom and wife for my children and husband. It’s funny how we let that happen because we feel that we are being unfair to our family but we actually need time for ourselves as moms and wives so we can be strong for them when they need us the most. So life happens but lets make it a strong and healthy life this time around.  Stay tuned for my results because I am a work in progress! MESSAGE FROM SANDRA HER TRAINER: Cathleen you are always fully committed and motivated to getting a good workout in! Even working out first thing on your anniversary.  I knew you were ready for change and I love to see your progress already!!!   You always come focused and ready!  You are an inspiration to many, including your family, who will always support you on your journey! Thank you for letting me be a part of it!