CarolCarol is my dear friend and client who has been training with me for the past 3 years. She came to me from a referral and was a newbie to exercise. This woman has always taken care of everyone else and never ever put herself first. But through our training sessions not only has she physically changed her body she has mentally become a stronger woman! Carol never put herself first she always put her four children first as well as her grandchildren but through the process of training she has realized that in order for her to be healthy and take care of her grandchildren she must take care of herself. When she came to me she had severe arthritis in her wrists, terrible  low back pain and was very weak. She felt most comfortable on the reformer and using 3 pound dumbbells. Three years later I am now happy to report that Carol has very little low back pain has worked through her arthritis and is physically strong!!! Years back when she started her bone density was terribly low and now her bone density is through the roof she’s so strong! Those 3 pound weights have now turned into eight and 10 pound dumbbells and she can challenge herself with different mediums such as the kettle bell and TRX. I truly am so proud of this woman she is an unbelievable woman and I am very blessed to call her my friend! She’s a huge inspiration to me I hope to look this good at 62 years old.  Carol you ROCK !!!