cardio or strength trainingIf you’re like this woman she is not super over weight she is looking more to maintain and get things tighter and lean out from top to bottom. She finds herself missing workouts sometimes 2 days in a row and then doesn’t know what to focus on when she gets back to working out to help recoup her lost days. Well to answer this question first I want to explain something that gets a little misunderstood weights are cardio. I know most people think when they hear the word cardio it means bikes, treadmills or other aerobic type exercises. Cardio trains your cardiovascular system and so does weights, actually Yoga and Pilates does as well. Pretty much every form of exercise in some degree is training your cardiovascular system. To Train your cardiovascular system it needs to call upon your heart and lungs to deliver oxygen to working muscles. I know the perception has been weights are separate from aerobics. I always hear clients asking should I do the bike or treadmill first then weights? I also see people do 20 to 30 minutes of weights than another 30 minutes on treadmill. It is a very inefficient way to exercise. Today you might as well do both at same time, get more bang for your buck (or time that is).  How do I combine it all you ask? Well if you have not tried any of my 10 in 10 full body workouts they may be a great place to start. I offer workouts for every level and they will challenge you no matter where you are physically. Of course you can also come up with your own routine or try one of my workout challenges. So to come back around to the original question which is more important – Strength of Cardio training? Neither – they’re both integral to your complete fitness and healthy wellbeing. Give a few of my suggestions a try and let me know what you think.