cardio kickboxing[GARD align=”left”] Many of my clients ask me, “does cardio kickboxing really work your whole body?” and my answer is YES YES and YES. I am sure many of you can attest to the fact that your arms and legs are sore for days after a hard core class. While making up this routine, my arms and back literally feel like a lifted huge heavy weights. Thats how sore i get, but again it all comes down to intensity and how much of an effort you put into those punches

Cardio Kickboxing Endless Benefits

Burn those calories and have fun doing it How many calories do you want to burn when you workout? I know the answer is as many as possible right!?!  When Kickboxing you can burn up to 950 calories in just one hour of kickboxing. If your doing high intensity intervals you defiantly will burn those calories,
Working the whole body Cardio Kickboxing is not just for the legs, it will work the whole body. The Kickboxing works your legs while punching works your upper body, especially your arms, and builds muscle endurance. Moves like roundhouse kicks work your core muscles, and kickboxing keeps your abdominal muscles constantly engaged. Kickboxing also builds endurance and stamina! AND WHO DOESNT WANT THAT! Beat the Stress with Kickboxing Just like many workouts don’t you feel better after you exercise? Just like a Aerobic exercise like running stimulates the release of feel-good brain chemicals called endorphins that ease stress, a vigorous kickboxing workout does the same thing. Kicking and punching is a way to relieve pent-up frustrations and ease stress. I am telling you if you are mad, kickboxing will have you feeling like a new woman. Never get Bored Workout  Kickboxing fuses the benefits of boxing, aerobics and martial arts into a single workout. And hey if some guy comes and attacks you in a parking lot late at night you know a good front kick to the groin could come in handy. Best Balance Ever As we get older our  balance worsens with age in all adults. Workouts like cardio kickboxing offer a balance challenge combined with a dynamic workout that has the above other benefits as well.

 Changing up your workouts – Start with Cardio Kickboxing

The key to continuing to get results is to vary the types of workouts you do. You can’t do the same thing every day and expect to see continued change. Kickboxing combines moves that target all muscle groups while building stamina and endurance at the same time. With kickboxing, you get a whole body workout that builds muscle endurance and cardiovascular fitness in a single workout. If you like to workout at home. Turbofire is a great Cardio kickboxing program. If your local and near Monroe New Jersey I have a Kickboxing class  check it out here for available scheduled dates. If your not local, there are plenty of free Kickboxing workouts online, check out a few on youtube.