Why can’t I lose the last 10 pounds I work out and eat healthy what’s the deal? OK so this is the most frustrating scenario and I hear it often You’ve been working hard for months continuously losing weight at a healthy pace and all of a sudden the scale stops moving and you’re so freaking close to your goal what gives? Well a lot actually… But let me tell you this losing the last 10 pounds is the hardest but it’s not totally impossible. Here’s the deal and I’m going to be 100% honest these tricks work if you put them into effect…

Measure your food

Extra calories can easily slip in throughout the day if you’re not careful with your portions. You may think you can eyeball it is serving of races or a handful of knots or even what a tablespoon of olive oil looks like but trust me most people underestimate how many calories there actually ingesting at every meal. A lot of people over estimate on the little things like chicken or your portion size of a big potato… But when you measure with a scooper and you have a food scale boy oh boy it’s a whole different ballgame The deal is once you measure what you’re eating you can actually stay within your targeted caloric range… A serving of meat should be 3 ounces and if you’re serving grains like rice or pasta it should be half a cup totally easy to bypass if you’re not careful right?

Drink your coffee black

If you want to these people can’t function without a cup of Joe in the morning don’t worry copy by itself is natural virtually no calories and can even help you lose weight by giving you a little bit of a caffeine boost… But the problem comes in with sugar and creamer a lot of time she might think well how much cannot really add up? But it does add up in the big picture

Watch the mindless eating

So all your meals and snacks are perfectly proportioned reading plenty of veggies throughout the day or in the scale still won’t budge… It’s likely to all those extra calories you’re eating without not even noticing a handful of M&Ms here grabbing some fries of your partners plate they’re taking a bite of brownie from the break room… It all adds up

Write it down

Even if you think you’re on. We need your portion sizes and calories… Writing it all down will give you perspective on how much you were eating throughout the day and where you could make improvements. This is a huge game changer for almost every single one of my nutrition clients and all my nutrition clients who have followed us to the tea I’ve lost weight?? So I’m not just talking about something that I’ve read… This is something I experience on a weekly basis with my clients. People ask me all the time why is this so important? And the reason it’s so important is because a lot of times it just keeps you honest!. End of story

Allow for an indulgent

It may sound counterintuitive to cheat when you’re working so hard towards your goals but that might just be what your body needs… When people die in there just trying to lose 10 pounds they don’t want to cheat at all what ends up happening is I will power ends and a lot of times if we don’t cheat or we don’t indulge would more likely fall off the wagon so I always recommend having at least one indulgent meal at the end of the week it speeds up your metabolism him he could give you some of those that soluble vitamins you might not have received during the week and it’s also good for your psyche to be able to have an indulgence at the end of the week?

Rev up your cardio

Although keeping your eating habits and check is more important weight loss exercise definitely plays a huge role. If you are at a caloric deficit of 500 cal a day you’ll be losing a pound a week on exercise alone

Start lifting weights

If you’re just doing cardio you may need to add some strength training to your regimen so that you can reap more fat burning benefits. Other people are worried about bulking up building lean muscle actually burns my body fat at rest and can speed up your metabolism overtime for best results I suggest combining cardio and weight training like high intensity interval training routines in my Boot Camp classes this really fires up your metabolism and burns a shit load of calories

Eat at home

OK don’t kill me on this one but every time you go to a restaurant the reason why everything taste so good… Is because they’re likely adding more butter or salt tomorrow oil to the vegetables chicken and fish… Not to mention the bread baskets chips and salsa… So the moral of the story is eat the majority of your meals at home so you know exactly what’s going in to them

Get some shut eye

7 to 8 hours sleep a night or a must for me… But if you’re not getting those 7 to 8 hours you’re more likely to gain weight. One theory is that sleep deprivation makes you hungrier the next day and crave your bat hi fat calorie comfort foods.. which isn’t ideal if you’re trying to lose your last 10 pounds
In conclusion that’s the dealio guys, You’ve probably heard all this before but all of these tools have work for my clients month after month so if you’re struggling and need a little push feel free to contact me for nutrition coaching and if you have any questions about anything whatsoever just shoot me a text or an email❤️??❤️???❤️