Ok So I am going to be 100 with you all… getting rid of love handles is no easy feat but it can be done …. Just so we are being totally honest… I am a 48 year old woman … who has been exercising my entire life and I have love handles.!!!! Its true!!!!! Sure I have had less of a pinch at times and more at others … but for me personally… this is where my body holds on to fat. We all have different places we find it really hard to shed fat and for me personally it has always been the waist. side waist to be more specific! I always thought …. I can do planks… crunches… side v ups but nope…. Wrong… wrong… wrong… So whats a girl to do. Well there is good news and bad news… unfortunately we as women tend to store fat in our hips and our stomach.. I know … sucks but it is what it is and another truth is we can’t spot reduce. But here are the facts… it can come off …it just takes time. That nasty four letter word … TIME!!!


Big movements like the following is what I am talking about squats, jump rope, lunges, burpees, pushups,thrusters etc… those big movements that require multiple muscle groups just mean that you will build  more lean muscle and burn more energy.. a win win! All these exercises require your entire body, to move and work with flexibility, stability and power! Thats how you target fat and love handles. What I tell my clients is to just set a timer and do a body weight exercise for 50 sec and then take ten sec off and then add jump rope or jumping jacks for 50 sec. High intensity interval training has shown time and time again to be the quickest way to burn off fat! You will literally be huffing and puffing and if you don’t believe me… try it… Here is a circuit you can do at home with just your body weight
  1. pushups… You can do off kitchen counter or even on knees if you are starting out
  2. squats…. beginners can just sit and stand on a chair
  3. dips …
  4. plank jacks
  5. burpees
  6. lunges…
In between that add the cardio.. 3 rounds and you will be toast.. 36 mins… and better yet if you want to try this workout with ME join me at my bootcamp workout on Sundays.. click here for the link If you do a workout like this and then do some ab exercises by themselves after or even the next day you will Feel a huge difference in your body! The last component to this would be diet…If you are eating clean whole foods that are within your energy requirements you will see amazing results. Check out my article on whole foods to get an idea on the foods you should be eating. Click here for link xo Y PS if you are struggling with any of these components reach out.. lets chat.. We can figure out a customized diet and nutrition plan designed especially for YOU:) Click here if you would like more info