1If you can’t answer yes to this question then you need to clear your white board and start thinking about a new approach and a new solution for your workout plan. What is the point of working super hard to reach a goal that within a few weeks or months your right back where you started or even worse? So you’re asking yourself well then how do I create a workout routine that isn’t intense and time consuming that will get me results?

  1. Develop a routine that doesn’t take over your life instead create a routine that fits within your lifestyle
  2. Look at what is possible and develop the routine around what will work for you. Meaning if you know you can’t make it to gym 5 days a week don’t set yourself up for failure by saying Monday through Friday will go to gym before or after work.
  3. Don’t plan to cut out all high fat foods for 2 weeks when you know after that 2 weeks is over you will gain any weight you lost by eating more of that Fat food than you did before you cut it out.
  4. Working out and eating right should make your life better not worse, so choose a plan that makes you feel better not worse
Now look at what you’re doing right now. Are you doing nothing well then it is time to start a workout plan that is right for you. Are you doing something that you know is not going to be able to be done much longer it is too intense while cut back but get a consistent schedule and start sticking to it.  Change the plan until you can answer my first question with a big YES;  “Will I be able to do this workout plan one month, five months, or even a year from now?” well of course Yvette YES I will be doing this plan a year from now.  Working out is something you need to maintain long term it is not a one and done type of activity. Did you find this article helpful? Feel free to share it with your friends and family by using the buttons on side of post or below.