This is a Question I get asked ALOT.  So I figured I would address it with the blog post.

First and foremost I want to start with this that You won’t grow your glutes unless you push the intensity very hard and get stronger PERIOD!!!Unfortunately most great glute exercises also highly activate the leg muscles. Therefore, pushing the glutes hard will also push the legs hard, causing them to grow as well. This complicates things.What I recommend is doing a glute isolation exercises that really target the glutes without excessively taxing the quads hamstrings and abductors Here are some of the exercises I recommend
  1. Hip abduction movements – from side lying abduction, to band standing abduction, to band seated abduction, to band walk variations,  – these target the upper glutes.
  2. Barbell glute bridges – these leave out much of the quad activity that barbell hip thrusts produce. This will be your money exercise – the exercise that you want to keep getting stronger at over time. Strength creates curves, and without it your glutes won’t grow.
  3. American deadlifts – this is a better option than RDLs due to the increased glute activation. Don’t go too low on these either.
  4. kettlebell swings – just make sure you’re feeling the glutes do the work when you perform them.
  5. Single leg foot elevated hip thrusts –
For me personally I still like doing the basics of squatting, dead lifting and lunging but in addition to that I always have glute isolated exercises at the beginning or end of my work out depending on how I’m feeling! I always vary  my workouts some days I have a whole hour dedicated to glute training and some days I just add it to a heavy leg day…. it just depends on how I’m feeling the key is to always switch it up Always switch it up with different rep ranges too sometimes I go higher reps up to 50 sometimes I go low reps as low as eight reps  heavy!!

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