unnamedSWIMMING · Swimming exercises your whole body. Buoyancy provided by water supports your body. This makes swimming a perfect work out for physically handicapped individuals as they do not need any support. · Swimming on a regular basis burns excess fat that had deposited in your body. This reduces the risk of getting hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. · Swimming also reduces stress since it allows your mind to relax. Swimming also removes pressure from joints which makes it a perfect workout if you have arthritis.


· Walking should be your starting point in your workout routine. You should walk for about thirty minutes daily. · You should start with short and slow paced walks. However you should increase the pace as your fitness levels improves. · Walking burns excess fat which reduces the risk of contracting hypertension and heart diseases. When walking you should ensure that your pace makes your heart beat rate to increase. · You should wear comfortable shoes when walking. · Walking should be the start point of your workout routine not the main exercise.


· Elliptical machines allow you to work out from the comfort of your home. The elliptical machine you use should allow you to work out comfortably. · Elliptical machines are more affordable than tread mills. · These machines allow you to exercise your arms and lower body.


· You should start by lifting light weights and progress to heavier ones as you become fitter. Strength training burns excess calories. It also increases your muscle mass making you stronger. · Having more muscle mass means that you don’t have excess fat. This reduces the chances of being obese and getting heart diseases and hypertension. · When carrying out strength training you should always ensure that you don’t injure your body.


· This is an enjoyable way to work out. Cycling exercises your leg’s muscles and also increases your heart beat rate. · Increased heart rate pumps more blood around your body. This allows your body to eliminate waste materials and also nourishes your body. · Cycling improves your mood.


· Kegel exercises make the pelvic floor muscles stronger. This ensures that women can give birth easily. · The exercise also allows women to hold their bladder. This is very important to women with fistula.   [dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”100%” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 9.03.17 PMMelody Cleo is a passionate blogger from Manchester, UK. In her free time, she writes articles on various topics such as technology, gadgets, travel…etc. As of now she is focusing on European Health Insurance Card, which provides health insurance services for the European people. Ehic Card allows you to get free or subsidised state provided health care in most European countries. It covers the treatment that you will receive for the duration of your stay and also covers routine maternity care and pre-existing medical conditions. [/dropshadowbox]