sandbagsI just recently got turned on to sandbag training through youtube and I have to say I was a little apprehensive at first but I absolutely love it !  I love it so much I actually got certified in it. DVRT is an amazing organization dedicated to sandbag training. For many of us who don’t belong to a gym and are looking for diversity in our home workouts sandbags are a great tool… the benefits will amaze you… Here are a few I wanted to share

Sandbag many benefits

Equipment is low cost. Many pieces of home gym equipment can run in the thousands of dollars , sandbags offer a great workout and often better workouts than with  traditional gym equipment. Sandbags start at $100. You can get in my store at
Sandbags Are Small,  and Easy to Store. They don’t take up a whole room with one piece of equipment.
You can build 6 pack abs in a matter of months, sometimes weeks, if you do the right exercises. The fact that many sandbag routines work your abs at the same time as the rest of your body is a great feature. You can get cardio strength endurace and  flexibility  all in one tool.
Sandbags increase your overall balance. Balance is often so overlooked yet so important.  Sandbags will benefit your  any sport be it raquetball, dance or tennis.
You don’t work any muscle in isolation.  This is a key part of Sandbag Training . You will see results in the tone of your whole body, rather than in just one area. This is an important aspect for many women who just don”t have the time to do split routine workouts.
You can get a great workout in 20 minutes..  In today’s busy world we need to fit our workouts into tight schedules and small places in order to continue with life as usual. Sandbags are the answer to this problem, in that they do not require long workouts. Instead you get more exercise crammed into a smaller amount of time, not to mention they can fit in almost any corner of the house, and are easily stored between workouts.
I will soon be adding sandbag training to my ten so get ready for it..
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