So I first want to start by sharing the truth that no one really knows for sure what type of exercise is the best for you. I can only share with you what I think works best for me and my clients. You decide what type of workouts you want to do. Fitness experts have always debated regarding which physical activity gives better muscle development, totally free weights like dumbbell workouts or stationary weights like most fitness center equipment. I believe completely dumbbells win hands-down each and every time. Any approach of workout that works more than one muscle at once is helpful more than stationary machines. Dumbbell workout are part of weight or fitness training. In fact, you can do these at home  with just a pair of dumbbell. BENEFITS OF DUMBBELL WORKOUTS Dumbbell workout helps in increasing the rate of metabolism, which means you’re likely to burn more fat. This is due to the fact that you increase your muscles’ mass with consistent dumbbell workouts. Furthermore, dumbbell workouts could additionally help in increasing endurance and strength of the muscles, since you always have to balance the body throughout your fitness workout with dumbbell. Other than the muscles growth, the lungs and heart also partake as power and force that are exerted amid the training. These exercises likewise don’t require costly exercise gear (just a pair of dumbbells) and could be easily done at home. It is time to try a dumbbell workout for yourself. This is one of the first Dumbbell Workouts available in the online gym. Try this one and let me know how you do.

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Curl workout – this one most basic and effective forms of dumbbell workouts for strengthen the arms. To do this – stand upright and grip a dumbbell in both hands with palms facing your body. Lift the dumbbells with your elbows touching the sides of your body and your shoulder on a fixed position. This could be done with one or two arms depending on your choice.   Dead lift exercise – this is done to work out your back. While stand upright with knees slightly bent and feet about a yard separated. Hold the dumbbells against your thighs and lower the dumbbell to leg level utilizing lower back strength with your lower back a bit arched inward. Keep your back flat and head up throughout the movement. Bring down the weights as far as it’s convenient. For individuals with back issues, this is exercise is not recommended.   Shoulder press workout – this is amongst the simplest dumbbell workouts but very effective for working out the shoulder. Sit on the edge of a chair with back straight. Raise the dumbbells over your head and slowly lower down to the shoulder level. Get your arms to form 90-degree angle and then raise them again without locking your elbows. Do these for several times.
Here is a quick workout using dumbbells – try doing each exercise 12 reps each, do as many times as you can complete. bbccfa90c4f3108e30e4b5e647355eb1 SAFETY AND WARM-UP If you are performing dumbbell workouts, make sure you don’t utilize a weight that’s too heavy for the level of your strength. Consistently warm up and loose the muscles before lifting any weight. Warming-up will prevent you from injuries and also enable you to lift extra weight by giving you explosive muscle growth.