Find your inner passion 11-20-2013-12-36-55-PMBe aware of what makes you feel awesome. What gives you energy, what gets your mind on a higher level, makes you feel like you are on a roll,. tune into those moments. I personally have had many jobs:  sales, advertising, bartending etc. All of those jobs were ok, but they did not give me that fire .. that passion ! I knew fitness was always my passion… how did I know this? I would spend hours on youtube checking out exercise routines, I would spend hours researching nutrition, I would do so many different DVD’s to get new ideas, I would take all kinds of new classes. All those things were huge indicators that fitness was my passion.  Think is there something that just consumes you.. fashion, organizing , children, baking, … think what do you like to do with your free time….. thats your passion! And you can make a business out of it it full time or part time.

Get Clarity

clarity1Now that you know your passion, you need to get clear about what it is you want. For example if its fitness. Do you want to teach group fitness, or do you want to train people. Do you want to train a specific market? kids, women. elderly? Get clear on what drives you. When you are aware of the triggers that drive you, you can activate them when needed.Mostly we do things unconsciously, we do not think things through, get your answers clear and actively pursue them 🙂

Make a dream vision board

1.2efb37bVisualize what you want to achieve by expanding your passions. Project mental pictures in your head. Look for pictures that can give you the feeling that you want and make it into a vision board. Two stories come to mind.  One is of my dear friend Cris. She is also a trainer who works for me. After having her second child she was ready to get her body into slamming shape. NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING WAS GOING TO STOP HER. Although she was always fit and strong she wanted to lose weight and really eat clean.  This was on her vision board and she lived it,  It consumed her. She got her family into eating healthy, she got into juicing, she started cooking more and she switched to organic.  Then her workouts became insane.. sometimes training twice a day. Well her hard work certainly paid off.. not only did she lose 30 lbs and keep it off she got her whole family eating healthy and even her husband started working out. VISION POSTED AND VISION COMPLETE:) Another example is of a  dear client of mine in her fifties. This will show you the power of vision boards and goals. Janet has had a full time career for 25 years . She loves her job, but it was never her passion. Her passion was fitness! Through her own bodily transformation she knew how fitness had transformed her life. She wanted to spread that knowledge to others and wanted other people to feel amazing as well. Through our training sessions she would tell me some of her goals. One being completing a triathlon. WOW I thought that is a huge goal. Well she had her vision in her mind and she set out to complete that goal, mind you she could barely swim. Guess what, one year later she completed her triathlon. Next.. she said to me.. I would love to become a spin instructor..  Great I said… so she went at it again.. putting the work in … and guess what BOOM.. done she became a spin instructor … NEXT she said I want to become a NASM trainer .. I said really?? maybe try ACE first its a little easier… but no way no how.. her thought was go big or go home. Guess what she put it on her vision board.. did all the work and is now a NASM certified trainer. This woman is in Part 2 of her life. She continues to work but now loves going to her second job… where she trains and teaches fitness.. HOW AMAZING IS THAT. SHE DID ALL THREE THINGS. SHE IDENTIFIED HER PASSION, GOT CLARITY, AND THEN CREATED THE VISION BOARD. THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT. My hope is that all of you find your passion… find what makes you excited to get up and attack the day. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have found my passion .Fitness and health are so much more than just about how you look. It is a mindset… a lifestyle. Getting time for yourself and investing in yourself to become strong and centered is not a selfish act it is the best thing you can give to yourself and your loved ones. Only you are responsible for the energy you bring. I hope to bring you this positive energy week after week through my newsletters, facebook and blog posts. It is my passion to help you achieve your goals…..  that is what makes me feel fullfilled.