Completely stuck in your goals?  Like cement bricks tied around your ankles?  I mean it’s like walking through quicksand or something?  I’ve been there! There’s no worse feeling. Untitled-1I have been there….. trying to get my eating under control …..I’ve been there trying to get my drinking under control….. I’ve been there trying to get my house organized trust me I’ve been there????? Honestly what is always help me in the past is having someone to be accountable to….. I hired a business coach to be accountable for my business goals… I hired A life coach to help me get my personal goals in order and when I was trying to quit drinking I got a sponsor who helped me stay accountable to not drinking one day at a time!! I share this with you because I get it I know where you’re at. Sometimes we lack knowledge, but most of the time we just need to act

We’re either lazy as hell


scared to death!

Scared to….
  • Start something new
  • Invest more effort
  • Or possibly giving something up
All can be scary…. Either way


And seems like you’re going  So how do you get from nowhere to somewhere? Not by researching ….not by contemplating but by taking action!

The 2 Ways To Immediate Results for health and fitness

1) Accountability  Doing the workouts  and eating clean 2) Association  Being accountable to a personal trainer or a group of peers and getting the tools and support

So my friend here’s the deal 

If you’re ready to take action and do something right now right this very second that’s going to lead you closer to your goals and get you out of this rut! Do one of my 10 and 10 videos click here to find other 10 in 10 videos along with over 200 other workouts to try They only 10 minutes everybody’s has 10 minutes to spare You can always feel free to reach out and set up a free personal training session with myself or one of my trainers at 732-251-0300 we would love to help Make sure to sign up for our mailing list to get your free 7 day jump start workout and diet plan.

Let’s do this!’????