lossweightI want to share with you a story about my client Cindy she has given me permission to share this with you Cindy drinks 5 glasses of wine a week… It’s true and it actually helped her lose weight… But not exactly how you may think, see it took her a few conversations to realize that the wine wasn’t the real problem. Now I’m not against having a couple glasses of wine, what I am saying is that it took her NOT seeing results and being frustrated to figure out the wine consumption (among other things…aka Starbucks addiction) was the reason she was stuck in a plateau. I like to call this The “Insanity” principle WHY? Well because the definition of insanity is:

  • Doing the same thing OVER & OVER yet expecting a different result
Trust me I learned this insanity principal with many things… food alcohol ….drugs truly is a cliché but so so true!! She needed to make a change. And NOT 10 things all at once either … I know this from experience never ever works in the long term that only makes things worse and more frustrating Cindy and I decided to put a plan into action we decided to focus on three simple changes: 1) reduce her wine from 5 glasses to 2 glasses a week 2) Taking back the Starbucks a few notches…for example removing lattes with whip cream and adding green tea with almond milk and… 3) Tracking everything in a food log This way we can see exactly what’s going on and we can continue to make the appropriate changes A huge lesson from this is… If you’re not keeping score aka…food journaling. You don’t know if you’re winning or losing and you definitely can’t make the correct ‘game time’ adjustments. If things are going great and you’re getting amazing results, why change it, You’re on the right path. Stick to it (and keep track of it)

But if things are not going great in your current plant let’s come up with a NEW plan together of three simple changes that you can put into effect today.

I’m always here and I’m always here to listen and I am always here to help!