Client of the month is… Drum roll please …The beautiful Miss Andrea. Andrea has been coming to us since we opened and has been committed to working with Cris twice a week. She is a beautiful spirit and she brightens up the studio the minute she walks in.

Andrea said: I have been working with Cris and the women at Yvette Salva Fitness for the past 11 months. I never thought I would be a gym person, in fact, I still don’t think I am a gym person. Instead I am more of a, “let’s try a great new restaurant!”, or “brunch and a broadway matinee?” type gal. Cris has made me comfortable in understanding my fitness limits, and has given me the confidence to go beyond them. Fitness and diet attempts in the past were always interruptive, and I always felt like I was sacrificing something. With YSF, it is such a great addition. I have more energy, look, but more importantly feel healthier and more beautiful, and cannot imagine leaving this new healthy lifestyle! “

This could be you. Your path to a healthier life starts today, Yvette Salva Fitness is not just about personal training sessions. We are here to coach you to change your habits. No Matter where you live we can work with you because we can train or coach you in person, by phone, FaceTime, or Skype. Of course If you don’t need support on-going, but need help getting started, we will design a custom monthly nutrition and exercise plan tailored to your individual goals, diet restrictions and exercise level. Get the support you need and the results you want on YOUR schedule. Choose from a variety of options to help you reach your goals.  Contact Yvette Salva directly at 732-331-5859 to set up a FREE 30 minute workout and discuss your goals.