I started my training with Cris back at the end of August in 2014 at a starting weight of 161 ( I believe). At this point I had been living a paleo/primal lifestyle, not eating grains/processed sugars, and felt pretty great after losing some weight and maintaining. My new lifestyle and diet had eliminated my migraines and reduced the severity of my allergies, cleared by skin, but with finally settling on a wedding date I knew I had to step it up.  I realized that the lifestyle I was living was great for maintaining my weight without effort but I needed to lose weight and I had hit a plateau.    The missing puzzle piece was… regular exercise. Throughout my journey I did some trial and error with my diet. Cris noticed that I mentioned that I eat a lot of cheese.  When I decided to take a crack at eliminating dairy I realized that dairy really affected me, so when I removed this from my diet and with the training with Cris, I dropped 10 lbs super quick during Thanksgiving through Christmas in 2014.  Who does that? Who loses weight during the holidays? This year, even though the weight loss has been slow.  I have seen muscles appearing in places that I thought would never happen for me.  Every time I notice something different it makes the process more addicting! Getting into a routine month to month with training sessions and the classes have really helped me get into my routine.  Now I feel awesome all the time! I even like when I am sore! In mid September, Cris & I had one of our talks as I noticed my wedding is getting closer and closer! I finally figured out what I wanted. I wanted to lose another 10-15 lbs. Cris asked me ,” What do you need from me to get this done”.  I realized that although I wrote down items in myfitnesspal, sometimes I never finished the day,  So I needed an accountability partner.  I now send Cris screenshots of my daily calorie totals, this ensures that I am making sure to write everything down and weigh everything! My food scale is my best friend! Cris has been amazing with keeping me motivated!  Even on those days when your parents show up at your house with a box of pastries from the bakery! Since mid-September I am super motivated,  I have lost about 8-9 lbs, and am on my way to the final goal!  I already know I will look great in my wedding dress, I am now striving for the bikini body I never had!  Countdown to Punta Cana! January 12th 2016!  Thank you to all the ladies of Yvette Salva Fitness including the ladies that I work out with. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- MESSAGE FROM TRAINER: You are an inspiration! Hey everyone!! Cris here! Since our “talk” Amanda really took control of her situation. We made a plan and she has stuck to it. Every night ends with a screen shot of her totals on Fitbit.

Sundays are usually pictures of her meal prep for the week. And every now and again I get the “check me out now” pic….or the “look what my parents brought over for me to battle temptation, and I did” pic. This girl has been so completely committed and honest and you can see just how much all of her hard work and dedication has paid off! This bride-to-be has one more month and then it’s time to celebrate tying the knot! FINALLY!!! But the journey doesn’t end there. Amanda has become a staple in our classes and a big part of the Yvette Salva Fitness family!! We are so incredibly proud of you Amanda!!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!!