alcoholWe in the Yvette Salva fitness community tend to have a work hard, play hard mentally. We enjoy challenging workouts, but we also love to gather with friends and enjoy a night out here and there. I get that, BUT  if you’re REALLY looking to get the results you want from your WORKOUTS , there is one thing you can reduce or even eliminate from your “play hard” lifestyle that will help you reach your goals quicker: alcohol. If you were not aware alcohol works against your weight loss goals, not with them.

But Wine is Good For YOU!

OH! I hear the SIGHS (and arguments) right now. “People who drink red wine moderately live longer” “Alcohol reduces aging of the arteries” “Dark beers give you strength because of the iron content” I’m not saying these statements are false, but here is a bigger truth: alcohol significantly sloooooows down (we’re talking turtle slow, inch worm slow) your body’s normal metabolic process.

Alcohol Works Against Your Weight Loss Goals

How Alcohol Slows your Metabolism The metabolic process is your body’s act of turning food and drink into other compounds that, ultimately, our body uses for energy. Throwing a wrench into your metabolism like alcohol means your body can’t absorb the proper energy source it needs for day to day functions. While you might not feel the effect a couple glasses of wine has on your everyday functions, you will absolutely feel the lack of effort your body gives to you during an intense workout. The funny thing is until you eliminate alcohol for. Of time you don’t even know the energy that your body can have until it’s completely out of your system I always thought my workouts were so hard-core, but when I removed alcohol from my diet I couldn’t believe how much harder I could push ….it was truly eye-opening. Happy Training Ladies!