My name is Yvette Salva, I went from rock bottom, struggling with addictions with food, drugs, and alcohol to TURNING IT ALL AROUND and empowering women to live a healthy life.


I’m a happy mother of 2 who lives in Monroe, NJ. I have an amazing life where I get to train clients on a daily basis at my studio. I coach them through small sustainable changes that lead to big results over time!

Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than the ability to help empower women to be the best that they can be!


But it hasn’t always been this way let me explain…

Bulimia and anorexia entered my life when I was just a teen. I was 14 years when a friend and I decided to go on a simple diet. That simple diet turned into a monster that consumed my life for 25 years.

Anorexia was my drug of choice at a young age and boy oh boy was I good at losing weight. But then of course we can only do this for so long, so Bulimia took over. Bulimia crippled most of my young adult life along with many other addictions. When I was really ready to get help… I was at rock bottom. Living out of my car. Working at a bar with no real friends or family to speak of. I truly did not want to live.

Life was not looking too good, but as I write this I must tell you how grateful I am for those hardships. Along the way, I discovered many strategies and tips which helped my recovery and many that didn’t. I abandoned those that didn’t and walked forward with those that did.

Finally, at the age of 32, I was completely sober from drugs and alcohol! During this time I turned to exercise as a form of recovery. Although I had always been exercising… (I actually started at 16 as a fitness instructor at an all-woman gym). I always had a nasty hidden secret and felt like a hypocrite.

At 32, I put my knowledge to the test and finally completed my personal training certification. I am also now a certified life coach and nutritionist. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that a life free from addictions would be this beautiful, this simple, this free!

Bulimia/drugs and alcohol act like a dark veil placed over your eyes… Everything you see is tinted dark. Recovery…… rips that veil off and finally, you can see the world for what it truly is… A place of happiness and love! A place (as cheesy as it sounds) where dreams can come true! (I know to get out the violins)

Quickly, this fitness thing grew into a passion. I would spend hours each day answering questions, making up workouts, and writing articles trying to spread the word about Exercise and how it truly was my savior.

I still cannot believe that YSF has morphed into such an amazing community of women. All the fabulous trainers who work for me are honestly like family, as are my clients, many of whom have been with me since I started training.


Looking back on my life to this point, I have no regrets…

I do not regret the first time I made myself throw up, or my hazy drug days. Every experience I had enabled me to be better equipped in helping and understanding you and that is something that is priceless to me.

I’d like to finish off by saying thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you feel as if you know me a little better now and I hope you are feeling inspired to begin your journey at YSF!

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