Today I want to share 8 of my all time favorite best tips to keep your food plan intact….

1. Eat breakfast

I eat breakfast every day.. but that wants always the case. What I realized was if I want to keep my metabolism revved up … I need to fuel it first thing in the morning. Plus if you want to kick ass in your morning workouts you need the energy. Get up eat and move! You will feel energized all day and you will power through your workouts.

 2. Plan ahead.

Ok so I am a plan freak .. why ? because it works. Every day… I have my coffee set up the night before… I have my meals in my containers for the day… set up the night before.. I have even my workout drink and post workout drink ready to go. The less prep the day of the smoother my day goes. Just like anything else at the beginning its a big pain in the ass.. but trust me it pays off. Plan everything and you will leave nothing to chance.

3. If you’re hungry, eat.

When a 3 p.m. snack attack strikes, eat. Don’t deny yourself because you know what will happen later. At 3 .. I eat an apple or banana w PB2 almost every day. It satisfies my cravings and these are nutrient dense foods. Just plan ahead so you are not running to the break room at work for that extra bagel.

4. You don’t have to be perfect.

Eating clean 100 percent of the time doesn’t just suck, it’s also unrealistic..I believe in the 80/20 rule: eating clean foods 80 percent of the time and having other choices 20 percent of the time. This creates balance and takes away the negative feelings towards foods. It allows the freedom to enjoy a piece of birthday cake on your child’s birthday or a glass of wine on date night. It avoids the roller coaster of depriving and binges or overeating.” Get off that gerbil wheel. Find healthy food that satisfy your cravings.  I personally eat chocolate and peanut butter every single day. every day folks!

 5. Had a slip up? Let it go.

Okay, so you went a little overboard at dinner or couldn’t resist a second muffin from the pantry. WHO CARES… just get right back on the horse. LIKE NOW! I always tell my clients you can start your day over right at the next meal. No need to wait until Monday where you will be fighting to lose the 3 extra pounds you gained.

6. Understand that proper nutrition is a lifestyle, not a diet.

Making real, lasting changes to your body and health begins in your mind. This is why I am so passionate about coaching my clients. In all honesty most my clients come for their body and mostly their mind. They either need a reset and gentle reminders of how staying consistent will continue to bring results.. or they need a good ass whipping workout. But 9 out of 10 its usually both. I always try and hit home to my clients that this health thing is a journey… I mean we need to find sustainable food habits. A cleanse, a quick low cal diet or pills will not give you long term results. its all about changing habits.. change your habits.. change your life

 7. You don’t have to order salad every single time.. I am serious 

Going to a restaurant isn’t off limits, nor does it need to be stressful. When you nourish your body properly most of the time you can allow yourself a treat here and there. I always say think 80 percent eat clean 20 percent leeway. When I go to a restaurant I order a veggie omelette with fruit as a side if I am at a diner. If I am at a a fancy restaurant I might do salad with grilled chicken or grilled chicken with a baked potato plain. YUM!

 8. Don’t fear carbs. Use them.

You may think slashing carbohydrates from your diet is a sure-fire way to drop some pounds, but think again. and I mean this… think again.Carbohydrates provide energy to move and think properly, and help build your muscles… I can tell you that not eating carbs will have you feeling hungry angry and tired.. ha! HAT a new acronym.. .Carbs are absolutely necessary to fuel your workouts. So bring on the bananas the oatmeal and the broccoli. That is all my friends… did you know all the 8 tips? Were you surprised that I am not asking  you to give up every thing that you love? You can do this ladies I know you can….