Are you a busy women, I know I sure am and because of that our diets often consist of fast foods like hotdogs, burgers, pizzas and so on. It can be a daunting task to watch your belly and put aside your precious time for early morning exercise. Particularly, working women find it really hard to have a healthy lifestyle prioritizing their work and health accordingly. Well there are ways to approach healthy eating without planning on running a marathon or lifting heavy weights every day. I am one to share the real deal with you all. The the deal is make some minor changes, and you will see results.  This is not just coming from me. According to health experts, a minor change in an eating regimen can prove to be efficient as a regular 30/40 minutes workout. Your healthy diet foods living invokes ensuring the foods you eat are healthy. It is essential that you blend various types of food to create well-balance meals. Planning your diet accordingly is highly important, so here are few list of food items you ought to consider when you go shopping at the grocery. How many of you can say your eating these types of foods regularly?

6 Best Foods To Eat For A Healthy Living

FRUIT AND VEGETABLE Fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables ought to be at the top of your food list. Fruits and vegetables comprise of many nutrients and vitamins our body need to be healthy. There’re variety of fruits and vegetables available today, even if you’re not a fan of them, you might find a few that appeal your taste buds. You can prepare them in various dishes, hot and cold and see what you love the best. Then incorporate at least 5 to 7 servings per day into your eating regimen. You’ll soon see some changes in the way you feel and look ALMONDS These are fully loaded with vitamins that helps in boosting skin and also contain high fiber. Studies shows that almonds are rich in calories that don’t add to the belly fat. It’s really safe to substitute your morning snacks with handful of nuts. OLIVE OIL This is highly rich in monounsaturated fat, which helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases by increasing the level of High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) or the blood’s cholesterol. Olive oil additionally contains antioxidant compounds that help protect the body from unhealthy activities of free radicals. GREEN TEA Substitute your regular hot beverage with green tea and you will see the difference soon enough. Green tea comprises of influential antioxidant flavonoids that’s capable of reducing the risk of cancer. This powerful antioxidants also help in reducing stress, slower aging, lowering harmful cholesterol levels in the blood, enhance proper blood circulation and may suppress inflammation. DARK CHOCOLATE Next time when decide to have a milky chocolate or a quick snack, you can switch over to dark chocolate. It’s rich in antioxidant that is good for the heart. It’s also considered beneficial for women suffering from hypertension. The best part is some studies have even shown that women eating dark chocolate consumed less pizza than the individuals who ate other chocolates. WHOO! BROCCOLI I know I talk about chocloate then jump into veggies. Well guess what Broccoli is great for you! It contains phytochemicals, which protect you from heart issues, age related macular degeneration and cancers. It also reduces inflammation, supports detoxification and lower the cholesterol level in the blood. Your attitude behind dieting really matters a lot. You ought to approach your dieting with the feeling that living healthy is all about respecting your body. Without your diet and your fitness region together your best intentions could be lost. Thats where I can help. How?

IT IS ALL ABOUT THE WORD ACCOUNTABILITY!! Accountability is an absolute game changer. With no accountability you can have the best intention on the planet to improve your health/lifestyle, but if you can’t follow through, your intentions mean nothing. Your intentions become a pipe dream. YSF3 GYM PROVIDES ACCOUNTABILITY AND GREAT WORKOUTS  .. This is been the key to providing our clients with great success. Sign up for 2 weeks Free and lets change your life!