5 valuable rules every women should live byMost of my classes this time around were not in fitness.. Crazy I know… but I feel like I know a lot about exercise and Like I always say…. its not about the pushup, burped, or lunge .. its all about your mindset. So I took a lot of classes on self development, hormones, nutrition and of course women EMPOWEMENT!!!!!

1) Numbers do not define you.

I love this one! First of all as a woman who has always struggled with numbers … I love the thought of just allowing myself to Be!!! OMG to just BE!!! Your body fat percentage, bra size, age, or even your weight … even the weights you lift in the gym… these don’t determine your self worth..

2) Don’t apologize for who you are or what your body looks like

Whether you’re thin, have curves, muscle, or any other shape you’re proud of who you are, and encourage other women to do the same. Be the best version of you and forget the rest. I swear I have done everything to have an hour glass figure .. Doing the stair master for hours with a trash bag suit on remember those? Mine was silveroh and the waist cincher.. I used to sleep with that on.. but I think the best was the cellulite cream I used to rub around my waist… stop the madness! I will never have the Kim Kardashian hour glass and its ok to have an athletic shape.

3) There’s no miracle diet, magical supplement, or perfect workout program.

It’s about consistently doing the right things day in day out.  There is no 6 pack abs in 6 minutes and there is no pill, tea or shake that will have you drop ten pounds in ten days. well at least not for the long term.

4) Never punish yourself with exercise

OMG stop it.. we have to enjoy the foods we love in moderation and using exercise to try and outdo a behavior which is not “bad” but is HUMAN is crazy.. stop it.. you have to get your mind right.. exercise is not punishment but a love for your body.

5) Its what you do on the DAILY  that matters most.

As long as you eat well most of the time and move your body  most days of the week… it’s okay to enjoy a glass of wine or a cupcake  on occasion. The deal is this its the habits that you do consistently are the ones that are going to stick.  I have certain rules for my life which have really worked for example on Sundays I food shop, cook, and while I am doing all that I listen to Oprah’s Super soul Sunday. This is a practice I Enjoy. I enrich my soul while cooking healthy meals for me and my family.. two for one special. So find habits that are SUSTAINABLE that you will enjoy doing on a weekly and or daily basis that work for you. So thats it.. I wanted to share these with you all… Last but not least this mantra really stuck with me. IF YOU SAY NO…. YOU GET NO-THING.. AHA!!!!!

So with all that said, lets start being consistent with our workouts and our diet. If you need accountability and help with that I am available! If your ready to get started, join the online gym for FREE for 2 weeks and have me as your Personal Trainer anywhere. If you have questions I am available through email. Lets do this thing ladies!  Join Gym Now!