You have probably heard me tell you all before how important your diet is. What you eat can make or break the results you see with your fitness regimen. So today I just want to take some time to talk about a few Super foods that can help with everything from weight loss to just being a healthier you overall! Almost everybody knows that the length of our lives clearly depend on what we consume. The healthier the foods we mostly consume, the longer we tend to live. This is due to the fact that healthy foods keep the body organs working properly and also nourish the body. When we comprehend how the foods we consume interacts with our body, we will know what to do to get the best out of the foods we eat so as to keep us healthier and younger. Some of the best things we can do in our lives are those things that are beneficial to our wellbeing. We ought to live a lifestyle that’ll ensure that our wellbeing is at its best. Diet foods for healthy living helps in attaining an ideal body weight with a toned muscle and lean waist. Here are some foods that are considered as superfoods that are really beneficial to our health. How much of this do you have in your diet now? My small healthy lifestyle change tip for the week is to just try to include at least one of these into your diet at a time. Let me know how you do the first week!!

SEAFOOD: The first food that we consider in these superfoods group is called Cold-Water Seafood, especially tuna, sardines and salmon. These fishes are greatly rich in fatty acids DHA and EPA Omega 3, which are crucial for optimal brain health. Fatty Omegas help in protecting and building neurons, which keep the brain well-lubed and functioning at peak performance.
NUT: Another food classified as superfood is Nut, such as macadamias, peanuts, walnuts and more. Nuts are packed with phytonutrients as well as Omega fatty acid required for metabolism and cellular health. Just five small handful of nuts every week, especially walnuts have been shown to enhance cholesterol levels from 15 percent to above 40 percent. This overtake most drugs and it is likewise safer.
WHOLE GRAIN: Whole Grains are certainly in the superfood group. You must have heard of this old adage that says “Bread is the staff of Life”. It is not really difficult to comprehend why Whole Grains are great source of vitamin B & E, fiber, antioxidants, iron, magnesium, and folic acid, even more than the ones you can find in some vegetables and fruits. Whole wheat, wild rice, brown rice and popcorn, yes popcorn, are great choices of whole grains.
LEGUMES/BEANS: Beans or Legumes are nutritional powerhouses in all ways. To start with, beans are packed with rich amino acids and protein with a low caloric count, as well as iron and calcium. This fiber rich superfood helps lower the blood’s cholesterol level, eases bowel movement, and lessens risk of colon cancer. They are likewise a great choice for women who regularly visit the gym. High fiber content tends to slow down digestion and delay the next meal intake.
BERRY: The Berry family can also help boost your health, especially blueberries that are greatly rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Antioxidants are really essential in controlling nasty little compounds, free radicals that eventually destroy the cell walls, contributing to various illnesses and aging. Berries are likewise low in calories and high in water, making them a great option for your waistline.
Including these few superfoods into your diets can really take your healthy lifestyle to an optimal level that is beneficial in all sense of living.